Three Foods You Should Consider Cutting Out During Your Wellington Weight Loss Program

Three Foods You Should Consider Cutting Out During Your Wellington Weight Loss Program

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Your doctor supervised wellington weight loss is the solution that you need to finally get to a healthy weight as recommended by a physician with years of experience in the industry. However, this comprehensive program requires a complete health immersion with exercise, diet, supplements, mental support groups and more. If you begin to become lax in one or more areas, your Wellington weight loss program becomes less effective. One of the most difficult aspects of the program that clients initially struggle with is eating healthy.

Diet is so ingrained and taste is so rewarding that it is difficult to break negative eating habits. It can be easy to fall back into eating unhealthy, especially if you start to make excuses about exercise being enough. As complete experts in the weight loss field, we have seen time and time again that exercise is not enough to see the results you need.

Due to diet being a weakness, we have trained our doctors to specifically hone in on each client’s body type and food weaknesses to find better alternatives. Once our clients experience the feeling of increased energy from eating healthy, they realize that bad food will never taste as good as actually feeling energized throughout the day. When it comes the Wellington weight loss program, we have seen clients create our own success by perseverance and a self discovery of personal willpower.

Sometimes, there are certain foods or food types that just need to be eliminated completely if weight loss is truly your goal. These foods are so loaded with chemicals, bad fats and bad carbohydrates that they will only be detrimental no matter what.

First Food Group to Avoid: Fast Food

This is not an isolated type of food, but an entire “food group.” The truth is, there is no way that you will be able to consistently lose weight if you are polluting your body with nutrient-less fast food. This may seem like a no-brainer, but fast food is so quick and accessible that it can spiral your Wellington weight loss program out of control. A simple fast-food breakfast sandwich in the morning may end up being a consistent routine. The negative effects of fast food are not immediately apparent (besides the occasional stomachache) but the long term effects are extremely difficult to counteract, especially as your metabolism slows.

Second Food Group to Avoid: Sweets

Sugar and corn syrup is added to most drinks, foods, and especially candy. Candy should not even be considered food in itself. Carbohydrates from the sugar will give you temporary surges of energy that end up burning out very quickly. Sodas can lead to early tooth decay, even with consistent teeth brushing. The danger of too much sugar (which is already difficult to avoid nowadays) is the increased chance of diabetes, which is a disease that can affect anyone, not just those with a family history.

Third Food to Avoid: Energy Drinks

Wellington weight loss programEnergy drinks have gained popularity by touting themselves as an alternative to coffee. However, coffee is naturally occurring and contains just caffeine, while energy drinks are pumped with caffeine plus other chemicals that create a strong reaction within your system. This has lead to some people experiencing heart attacks from drinking too many. Aside from the overload of chemical energy enhancers, energy drinks also have as much sugar as most sodas.

About Our Program

Our program is a comprehensive weight loss program; we do not focus strictly on exercise or only on eating healthy. Our physicians are highly trained to recognize your body type and to assist you in reaching your goal weight in a healthy manner. It is extremely important that we create success stories for life, and that your weight remains realistic and attainable.

Fast food, sweets, and energy drinks have such a negative impact on your body that we recommend that anyone who cares about their health should eliminate them, not just weight loss clients. If you are highly dependent on any of the three groups, we will work with you to find enjoyable alternatives.

Eating for a Better Life

Food can either exacerbate undesirable medical conditions later in life, or give us the fuel that we need to make it throughout our busy days. Add on exercise to work and home life, this makes for an even higher demand for quality energy production. Food affects us at a cellular level and is not just about “tasting good,” and this is something that our physicians can truly help their clients understand better from their field expertise.

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