Heartfelt Success Stories from the Weight Loss Program

Heartfelt Success Stories from the Weight Loss Program


Weight Loss ProgramLosing weight can be extremely rewarding and gratifying, but, at the same time can be difficult. When you start a new program you are skeptical in the beginning, because like many of us, you have probably tried some other weight loss programs without success.

There Is A Better Way

There is a healthy way to lose weight and learn to eat a balanced diet in order to keep the weight off and to make a complete lifestyle change. We at VIP Medical Weight Loss know that in order to keep you motivated and feeling good about your choice of a weight loss program that an initial weight loss of five pounds or so in the first week will motivate you to continue the program until you receive the results that you are looking for.

After this initial loss, you can expect to continue to lose at least two pounds per week as you continue to follow the plan as outlined. Your weight loss plan will be designed especially for you and closely monitored by a physician. Of course, nothing motivates us quite like personal testimonials from those who have achieved their own weight loss goals.

You Can Do It Too

While it is true that each individual on a weight loss plan will have varying results, keep in mind some of those results will be nothing less than amazing. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to some of the remarkable success stories our clients have had on this plan.

Nicole M.

Nicole M. says she was actively pursuing her weight loss goals by frequently working out, but it was not working out satisfactorily for her. She was drawn to VIP Medical Weight Loss initially because the program is monitored by a physician, making her feel good about the choice she made. Physician monitoring shows our clients that we are serious about their weight loss and about their health.

Nicole says she lost 35 pounds in 7 weeks, more than her initial goal, and friends say she looks like a different person. She thinks she looks great and loves to shop for clothes now that she wears size 2-4, and wholeheartedly recommends the program to anyone looking to lose weight.

Danielle R.

Danielle R says VIP Medical Weight Loss “really works.” She appreciates the structure of the program including specific meal plans and she says that you can really see progress every week. Danielle is entering into perimenopause, making weight loss extremely difficult. She was, in fact, “gaining [weight] very quickly” and tried many other plans to lose the extra weight she was carrying going into menopause. She calls the VIP program “her last hope.” Danielle lost 38 pounds in 14 weeks, and she feels that this program is something she can easily follow the rest of her life.

Betty P.

Betty lost 40 pounds in 5 months on the VIP plan. She found herself in her early 50s saddled with a weight gain she was not happy with and was unable to lose the weight. She even engaged a personal trainer three hours a week and she still was not losing weight. She says that on the VIP plan all she did was follow the diet program, and, remarkably, did not exercise at all and still lost weight. Betty says that she is able to maintain her weight loss while still enjoying the things she likes to do such as boating, and enjoying an occasional alcoholic beverage.

Let’s Hear It from the else Guys

Weight Loss ProgramThe guys might be a bit skeptical about a plan like this. They worry about being able to eat their favorite foods and enjoy an occasional beer during the football game. Plus, it might not sound very cool to his buddies to be dieting. But it’s a proven fact that losing weight can boost your health in many ways, including lowering blood pressure, improving your energy and simply just feeling better.

John S.

John praises the VIP team for making their clients feel like family and for providing the support needed to keep on track. He feels that VIP was his last chance. He had reached the place where he knew it was time to make a change; he “was morbidly obese.” Before VIP, John’s weight was up to more than 300 pounds, his health was going downhill and his weight was severely impacting the rest of his life.

He was struggling with high blood pressure and diabetes. He had nothing to lose but some weight; he knew some people that had been very successful on the plan, so he decided it was time to give VIP a try. John lost 12 pounds in the first week and never looked back. John lost a total of 100 pounds in six weeks with the diet alone. Since completing the VIP diet, John says he is no longer diabetic, his blood pressure is down to normal, and he was able to get off of the medications he was taking because he didn’t need them anymore.

Now it’s your turn to be a success story.


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