Is there a Link Between Stress and Weight Loss?

Is There a Link Between Stress and Weight Loss?


Human beings will always be a product of their environment no matter how far we evolve, and no matter how far we attempt to stray from our roots. It’s just the way it is, so to speak. In the early days, humans developed the ‘fight or flight’ instinct, which, generally speaking, is the ability to perceive danger around us. Once this is initiated, two substances are released into the body:

These two hormones will give the body additional strength, drawing on stored carbohydrates and fat. The stressed that our early ancestors faced are not the same stresses that we face today, or at least we’d hope not. When was the last time you were forced to face down a mastodon in mortal combat? Be honest. Moving past that, however, no matter what type of stress we are dealing with, our body tends to have the same reaction: it looks to the stored fuel, as any good physician weight loss clinic will be glad to tell you.

That being said, as we become stressed, our body demands to be replenished, and that leads to us eating considerably more than we might have otherwise. So, with that in mind, it all sounds pretty simple: don’t eat when you’re stressed, or at least don’t over eat. The big question however, is how can you tell when you’re stressed? Obviously you won’t be facing down a mastodon or defending your family from a rival tribe (probably) but there are certain stressors in our everyday life that we need to watch out for, lest they lead to our eventual downfall and weight gain.

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The Most Common Stresses in the Modern World

The following are a few of the more common stresses that you can expect to face in the modern world:

  • Work Related Stress – This is the most obvious stress that you are going to face in your life, hands down. No one wants to go to work, and that compounds the stress you will be facing whether it is from your boss, your clients, your co-workers, or even from yourself. It is difficult to cut down on this type of stress, but it is known that you can easily tone it down by using calming techniques such as meditation, yoga, or other methods that you can use right at your desk.
  • Family Related Stress – Here we have a stress that is not always going to be that obvious. Why exactly? Because it’s something that you’ve dealt with all of your life. Even more importantly, it is often something that you walk right into willingly. Surely you see the problem with this. As the stress grows, so do your problems, and cutting it out can be difficult.
  • Outside Influences – There are plenty of outside influences that can cause stress – that is something you simply cannot deny. It could be your friends, it could be things around your house, it could even be the news. One of the best things you can do in this regard is simply make sure you’re cutting out the things that cause the stress or at least pick and choose what stresses you can deal with.

No matter what type of stress you are dealing with, the bottom line is that your body brings on elevated levels of cortisol, making it believe that it needs extra fuel to tap into that fight or flight response. As it does this, it typically stores that fat around the abdomen, creating what is often referred to as a ‘beer gut’.

What is Cortisol?

At a VIP medical weight loss clinic, one of the most commonly asked questions pertains to what cortisol is. Essentially, it activates glucose, fats, and amino acids for the purpose of keeping our body fueled with energy until we take the time to eat. Additionally cortisol will help to keep blood sugar levels maintained.

It seems complex, but maintaining your body and keeping yourself at a healthy weight all comes down to the following:

  • What you Eat
  • When you Eat It

It is strongly recommended that you eat three nutritious meals per day and two healthy snacks to help keep adrenal glands steady. In addition to that, it is know that eating in the morning is best as the Cortisol cycle begins to decline throughout the day. By eating, we elevate our cortisol, meaning it is best to eat large meals earlier in the day.

In the end, any good medical weight loss physician will tell you that stress and weight loss are definitely related, and you’ll need to take on the habit of not only eating properly, but also exercising. See your physician today and set up your own healthy schedule. Your body has been waiting for this.


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