Medical Weight Loss with Steamed Vegetables

Medical Weight Loss with Steamed Vegetables

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If you are looking for a Boca Raton weight loss program look no further than VIP Medical Weight Loss.  For some, weight loss can be a very difficult journey, proving to be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.  VIP has changed not just the way people look, but also how they feel.  This doctor-supervised program isn’t just about counting calories and getting in exercise, it consists of customized solutions to provide results on a very personalized basis.  Different people have different needs when it comes to losing weight, thus this tough undertaking is not a one size fits all approach.

VIP Medical Weight Loss incorporates elements such as daily, weekly, or monthly physician consultations, custom meal plans or pre-packaged food, personal exercise plans, mental support groups, medications, even surgical options and resources.  We understand that not everyone will need all of the options that are offered, which is why we offer personalized plans per patient.  During your initial consultation, you will learn about all options available and discussing your short and long term goal the doctors can determine which treatment options are right for you and your lifestyle.  Keep in mind that weight loss ultimately depends on the individual, particularly their will power to stick to their customized plan.

A Healthy Diet

Losing weight is not about “diets”, it’s about lifestyle changes.  Believe it or not, some of these changes can be very easy to make.  Foods that were traditionally prepared using unhealthy methods can live up to their maximum value just by changing the way they are prepared.  For example, let’s say you love fried chicken.  Though it is very tasty, it is also very bad for you.  The solution:  oven “fried” chicken.  Just remove the skin and dredge the meat in panko or even corn flake crumbs and bake instead of fry the chicken.

When a person is trying to lose weight one of the best things they can do is eat more vegetables.  Veggies are healthy powerhouses filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other things that are oh so good for you.  Instead of sabotaging your weight loss with fried vegetables, just look into other ways of preparing them.  You don’t have to consume salads or cold, raw vegetables, you just need to know how to prepare them.

Perhaps the best way to prepare vegetables that gives amazing flavor but also locks all of the critical nutrients in is to simply steam your veggies.  Whether they be fresh, frozen, or purchased fresh and put in the freezer to keep them longer, steaming is a very easy and beneficial way to get your veggies in.  Never boil vegetables, this means that not only the flavor seeps into the water, so do the critical nutrients.  Not to mention steaming is an absolute snap that even a novice cook can master the technique of.

Steam Options

Boca Raton weight loss programWhen it comes to steaming veggies, you can use a traditional metal steam basket, a tiered bamboo steamer, or even your microwave.  Some appliances like rice cookers come with steamer baskets meaning that while the rice is cooking, the lid will hold in steam thus cook vegetables and your rice at the same time.  As a lot of people are very busy and looking for efficient mean preparation, this is a great two-in-one option that can really cut down on cooking time.

Fresh, Frozen, or Canned

While canned vegetables certainly are convenient, they are also packed with salt.  Even the cans marked “no salt added” have additional sodium, thus need to be rinsed before they are cooked.  This just adds an extra step thus takes up time.  Not to mention a lot of studies have surfaced about cans containing chemicals that seep into their contents thus a person’s body.  This is where fresh, frozen, or fresh frozen vegetables can save the day.  They have no added salt or chemicals, and salt is something a person looking to lose weight needs to cut back on.  Even for those who aren’t looking to shed pounds fresh and frozen vegetables are a “cleaner” food and one does not have to worry about chemicals associated with cans.

You can easily control the “crunch-level” when steaming vegetables by cooking them just past raw with a nice crisp or to the point that the crunch is gone leaving a much softer texture.  A lot of canned vegetables don’t offer this crispness and do keep in mind that less cooking means more nutrient retention.  Steaming also beautifully preserves the true flavor of a vegetable.  Instead of tasting like a flavorless lump of cotton, veggies keep their “bright” and fresh flavors.  If you have ever pulled a sugar snap pea right off the vine to munch on, you can duplicate that experience by steaming the peas to barely done.  So if you are looking to lose weight or just eat a diet with less chemicals, learn what simple steam can do for everyday vegetables.

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