Physician Assisted Weight Loss in Boca Raton and Wellington

Physician Assisted Weight Loss in Boca Raton and Wellington


Assisted Weight Loss ProgramTry as you might, the diet plans you’ve been following just haven’t been working enough. You exercise as much as you should, but you still aren’t losing the weight that you want. Although you may think that you’re doing something wrong, it may not be your fault. Sometimes there are other forces at play in your body, making your weight loss less efficient, and causing you to stress about it unnecessarily. It’s time for you to look into physician assisted weight loss here in Boca Raton and Wellington.

Personal Weight Loss

If you’ve already been trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve already tried the tried and true methods. You’ve cut your calories to around 1500 a day, focused on eating healthier items as much as you can, and cut out a dessert or two. With a healthier and more constricted diet, it’s almost a law of nature that you’ll end up losing weight. Pair it with moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, and you should be golden. However, though you should be safely and permanently losing around half a pound a week on that kind of lifestyle, you might not have had that much success.

Even with taking evening strolls and working on a treadmill or an elliptical, you’re not losing weight at the rate that you should, and you’re not seeing the results you wanted. Is there another way?

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program

Here at VIP Medical Weight Loss in Florida, we offer a certified physician assisted medical weight loss program. When you’re just not losing weight the way that you thought you should, or when things don’t seem to be working out right, you might need help from a doctor. Our program helps isolate causes for your slowed weight loss, and a way to help override it. With our doctors by your side, you’ll lose the weight you want at the rate you should have.

weight loss here in Boca RatonOur programs help pair you up with a physician that looks your record over. He or she will look at what you’re already doing to try and lose weight, and consider what might be holding you back. Our physician will then try a few different methods, starting you on a personalized plan. We have consultations available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as a personalized meal and exercise plan. You’ll have access to mental support groups to help you continue onward in your quest without creating an unhealthy relationship with food or weight loss. You’ll also be given certain medications, should your body need a final push.

Taking medication might seem a little odd, especially if you’re thinking of losing weight safely, but it is a factor. Sometimes the body doesn’t metabolize the way it should. Other times, your hormones can struggle to keep up with what you need. If your physician finds that your body doesn’t want to work with you, they may supply you with those alternative medicines to help. In the end, your physician will do what he or she has to do in order to help you lose that weight you no longer want. You don’t have to fight to lose weight on your own; you can get the help of a physician, and the help of VIP Medical Weight Loss!

Losing weight isn’t really easy. Even cutting down on food can get to you if you don’t make the first step correctly. Don’t run before you can walk, and don’t rapidly change your entire lifestyle in the aim for healthy living. With VIP, you’ll get VIP treatment and help in slowly dipping into your new life. We’ll help you take baby steps into your new changes, from a slowly changing diet to a steadily increasing exercise. You won’t ever have to worry about your changed life warping back into what it used to be; you’ll learn all new habits.

Why VIP?

VIP Medical Weight Loss is located in both Boca Raton and Wellington, Florida, perfectly located for maximum potential. We have physicians waiting to meet with you and discover how to help you achieve your goal. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or a hundred pounds, you can do it, and we can help you get there.

We will work with you one-on-one to create a custom plan, and focus on being there for you through thick and thin. If you’re willing to put 100% effort into losing weight, we’ll be with you 110%. So go ahead, make that first step towards being a better you, and call us for an appointment. Our office is always open to new patients, and we’re always ready to help you on your newest journey. Get a winning team on your side by getting a VIP appointment today!

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