Steamed Vegetables for Weight Loss – How do they Help?

Steamed Vegetables for Weight Loss – How do they Help?


On the journey to weight loss it can seem like an ever uphill battle to shed the extra pounds. There are new diets, pills, exercises, and countless articles on how to lose weight. What about when it comes to steamed vegetables though? Any weight loss doctor will say vegetables can be a big part in helping you to lose weight. Do vegetables really help though? And if so, how?

Fewer Calories, More Fiber

Weight Loss Program PlanVegetables in general are actually a recommended part for anyone’s daily diet. They have fiber to help your body function, and on top of which have fewer calories in general. Fiber help you to feel fuller faster, and is an excellent source of nutrition too. Vegetables can be combined into any number of dishes like stews, low fat stir fry, and even salads. You can even add vegetables to a wrap in enjoy the different tastes and textures of each one.

There are even vegetables that are great as snacks too. Celery is one that tastes great with a little peanut butter on it, or baby carrots with some low fat dressing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of vegetables you can eat.


Easy to Prepare

Steamed vegetables are remarkably easy to prepare. Vegetables steamers are very cheap now, and can even be used to prepare rice too. Broccoli for example steams very well. It only takes a few minutes before the broccoli can be taken out of the vegetable steamer, seasoned with a few spices, and consumed on it’s own.

With steamed vegetables there is very little hassle in preparation. At most a person only needs their chosen vegetable, some water, and seasonings before they prepare their dish. Steamed vegetables can also be prepared as side dishes for a big dinner. This helps to not only cut down on how many calories you’re consuming, but helps to add nutrition to the main dish too.

You Can Eat a Lot of Them (And still lose weight!)

Vegetables are very low in calories. Due to this people can actually consume large helpings of vegetables without going over their calorie limit for the day. For example, one cup of broccoli only contains 31 calories. A person could consume three cups of broccoli and they’ve only ingested 93 calories in total.

It’s why vegetable soups are usually so popular. Due to the low calorie content an individual can consume large helpings of vegetables to help them feel full. Vegetable broth is easy to come by, and in many recipes meat can be added in as well without taking away from the taste of the soup. So if an individual has a particularly large appetite that day. They can consume one or more helpings of vegetable soup to help them to feel full.

Sauces Can Make Steamed Vegetables Savory

Weight Loss ProgramSauces are usually combined with vegetables to make them more savory. They can come either pre-made in a package or be prepared at home. Small additions can be added to vegetables as well to add a bit more protein to them. Cheese can be added to steamed broccoli to help make it more satisfying and easier to eat.

Sometimes vegetables that are steamed without any additional seasonings don’t always taste the greatest too. Children may have a hard time consuming plain vegetables that have no seasoning or sauce to help boost up the taste. Adding a little bit of sauce not only makes the vegetables taste delicious, but can encourage little ones to eat them more often. The same can be said for people who are just starting to add more vegetables to their diet. Getting used to the taste can sometimes be a hard transition to make, and having some sauce to spice it up can help quite a bit.

The way vegetables are cooked can play a huge factor in whether they’re good for weight loss too. There are certain vegetables that require a certain way to be cooked so people can have the full advantage of the nutritional value of the vegetable. This is why steamed vegetables are usually one of the best options. They don’t require any oil, and ensures you’re eating low fat or non-fat vegetables. Steamed vegetables are also easier to digest and keep the vegetables more flavorful versus cooking them by other means.

Steamed vegetables are an excellent choice when it comes to losing weight. They’re easy to make, tasty, and above all extremely convenient. Just to name a few vegetables that are great for steaming are green beans, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, radishes, and even broccoli. They help to satisfy your hunger quicker and fill you up. Not to mention you can eat just about as many as you want without going over your calorie count for the day.


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