Summer is Coming - Is a Physician Weight Loss Program Right for You?

Summer is Coming – Is a Physician Weight Loss Program Right for You?

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Summertime is one of the most active times of the year for some people – something about the sunshine and the warm weather makes outdoor exercise seem much more attractive. You may also be motivated by the thought of being at the beach and wanting to keep your body up to par with everyone else. There is no other state in the U.S. with so many beaches and coastline, so Floridians truly understand what it means to be “beach ready.” Aside from aesthetic image purposes, many people choose to go on a physician weight loss program before the approaching summer months because it is a great opportunity to start their journey to healthier life. Many people do not know where to start, and end up being disappointed with the results because they do not have the proper guidance. We have found that physician monitored weight loss is the most effective for a variety of people.  and that is where our office comes in to help increase your quality of life.

Who We Are

VIP Medical Weight Loss has made the vision of a expert-backed weight loss program into a reality. We have developed a customizable program that shows that one-size-fits-all programs are not effective. Throughout our numerous success stories, we have also witnessed overall changes in life perspective because of significant weight loss. Our mental support groups are one of the most successful parts of the program because dedicating your time to losing weight is not easy by any means; having support from others goes through the same experience makes struggles shared and accomplishments shared as well. This is the type of environment that we have created within our offices as we dedicate our time to helping you achieve your weight loss goal. Our two Boca Raton and Wellington Offices are available to serve native Floridians or anyone else who is seeking our care.

Starting With a Personalized Plan

The initial consultation lets our physicians analyze your medical history, past struggles with weight, and any measures that may be out of the question due to allergies or injuries. Our office then works to create a step by step program that can fit into your normal work/life routine. This program includes exercise, healthy eating choices, supplements, mental support groups, regular doctor consultations, and even surgical options if that is determined to be right for you. All of these resources are available at your fingertips under the supervision of a physician specializing in weight loss. While initial results may vary due to many factors like genetics, our clients experience support throughout the entire way and gain the self confidence to continue their plan until they see results.

Making the Best Choice for Summertime Weight Loss

Weight Loss ProgramWhile summertime is a great motivator for a beach body and opportunities to exercise are usually more desirable, summer also brings some unhealthy eating and drinking into the picture. These activities can bring down your metabolism and set you back even further. However, with our medical weight loss program you will be able to create a realistic plan with a doctor to limit your intake without having to sacrifice all of the activities you enjoy during summer. This is why our regimen is a much better option than regular all exercise or all dieting programs, especially during the summer. The reality is, even if you start a program well before summertime to get the coveted beach body, you will need to maintain that weight throughout the summer months if you want those results to last. If those results do not last, then your time and effort will have been wasted. We support total health transformations that give our clients a healthy weight for life. Impressing family and friends by summertime is just the icing on the cake after you commit to our program.

Summer Body Means a Healthier You

Our weight loss program is built on the foundation of always having a plan to follow. Humans implicitly understand the logical reasoning of putting time and effort towards something if they are able to see something broken down. This is no different when it comes to weight loss – if someone is constantly told they must lose weight because it is the societal norm to be skinny, they will grow resentful and maybe even depressed. If someone is told they must lose weight so they can enjoy life for years to come, this kickstarts them into caring about their future quality of life. This is the philosophy that we follow, as we continue to give our clients that results they want and the health-focused attitude that they need.


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