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Protein And Weight Loss

Keeping protein in your diet as you try to lose weight is very popular right now. Weight loss shakes and other supplements always help, but protein is a staple that you want to keep around in your food. If you’re at the beginning of your diet journey, here’s how protein can actually help you lose weight.

Protein Satisfies For Longer

When you’re just starting out on your diet, it can feel as though you’re effectively starving yourself. This is why so many experts, including us, recommend that you eat more protein. This is because it slows digestion, helping you feel fuller for longer. Especially when you’re just starting out, you can save an awful lot of calories if you aim to eat more protein.

Curb The High And Lows Of Carbs

Carbohydrates are essential in your diet, but on their own, they can play havoc with your sugar levels. When you reach a sugar low after a high, you’ll end up making decisions you’ll regret later. After all, that donut never looked more tempting than when you’re dealing with low blood sugar. Pair those carb-rich foods with protein, to slow down the absorption of the sugar into your blood stream. It’ll help you ward off cravings and stick to your diet.

Protein Needs More Energy

Every food needs energy in order to be digested and used by the body as fuel. Protein is a good diet food as it requires more energy to be broken down. That means you’ll be using more calories in order to digest that food, and again, you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Save Your Muscles And Burn Fat

Your body needs nutrients coming in order to start burning fat properly. The problem with diets is that you’ll lose weight both from fat and muscle loss. Protein is essential, as it helps fuel this process as well as keep your muscles lean and ready to help you exercise the weight off.

Increase Muscle Repair And Growth

weight loss program Boca RatonSpeaking of exercise, it’s vital to any good diet regime, but it can take a lot out of your muscles. Protein in your diet is needed to keep them on top form. Make sure you eat a good amount any day you undertake any intense training. The protein will help your muscles repair and grow, ready for the next session.

The Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss Program

Protein on its own won’t help you lose weight. That’s why we recommend pairing it with our medically devised weight loss program Boca Raton.

These programs take your individual needs into account. You’ll meet with a nutritionist and doctor, and they’ll take into account your goals and medical history. They’ll then create a unique weight loss program, just for you.

This program will include a specially created diet, an exercise plan, and lipotropic injections to help you get the weight off, and keep it off. You’ll meet with doctors every week, to track your progress and see just how you’re getting on.

One of the hardest parts of dieting is going it alone. Diet books, apps and blogs don’t know anything about you and your life. Using our weight loss program means that you have a team who are all on your side, ready to help you reach your goal weight and feel better about yourself.

Our plans are highly successful, as they’re created with the individual in mind. You’ll never have to struggle with your weight again, as we’ll think about how you need to lose weight, and how we’ll help you keep it off.

If you’re convinced, book and appointment and come and speak with us. We can help you see what we can do, and how our program can work for you where others have failed. You’ll never have to go it alone again. Get in touch, and you’ll be put on the path to a happier, healthier, more confident you.


VIP Medical Weight Loss Center in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss vs. Typical Fad Diets

Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss

What is a fad diet? Every day the women’s magazines at the checkout lines shout “read me; I have the secret to losing weight without restricting your food plans or working out.” And we fall for it every day. Why? We all want to lose weight, but we don’t want to cut out the foods we adore, like pizza and ice cream, and we don’t like to work out or even just move more, because who has the time? Not us; those frozen dinners aren’t going to buy themselves and they don’t cook themselves either.

Every year in January, gym memberships gain a fresh influx of new members – it’s the New Resolution. If your club is small enough, you know who is new and who is not; this usually is time to predict who will stay and who will not. It sounds brutal but is it’s a fact of life. Maybe it’s time to get serious and find a medical weight loss center Boca Raton.

Shed for the New Year

A fad diet can be potentially dangerous, because it is geared toward quickly dropping pounds be it water, muscle, etc. I remember when the drug Fen-Phen came out and was lauded as a miracle drug for obesity patients, and at first, it did cause rapid weight loss until the FDA took it off the market for the life-threatening issue of leaking heart valves. I remember a co-worker was who had been prescribed this drug and had lost 50 pounds said, in my hearing, is she did not care what the risks were she still would continue on the meds as long as she could.

Any program that reduces calories along with a program of exercise will work; however, the problem is when you return to your old habits; your weight will come with it. It is not the matter of what we eat. You need to change your thinking to really change your life. Many people turn to random OTC vitamin supplements and think vitamin pills is all you need, to supply your body, when in fact, your natural diet should supply most of the minerals and vitamins you need and any supplement you take should be under the advice of your doctor. Some vitamins can cause your body to overload based on what you are you are already taking.

Boca Raton Medical weight loss program


How We Are Different

Boca Raton Medical weight loss program offers many different ways to help you get fit and keep the weight off because the programs are not fad diets; they are a life change system.VIP Medical  Weight Loss has many tools to help you succeed, including pharmaceutical grade appétit suppressants that work for a hand-in-hand with your eating plan. Your program will include nutrition and physical programs to help you get where you want to be in life while under the care of a physician, and, for safety clients will meet with a staff physician weekly.

We monitor you from your first day all the way through the day you strut out of the front door a new improved you. A Boca Raton Medical Weight loss Doctor will prescribe a regimen of injections and supplements and will also assist you in achieving and maintaining your weight loss and long-term goals. You will ultimately “graduate” and go out into the wide world armed with the knowledge of all you learned about how to live a confident life where you make smart choices; however, anytime you feel the need to pick up some of the proprietary appétit control injections and/or the balanced supplements to get back on track, we got your back!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Another way we are different is what this says, no two people are completely the same, including identical twins. So why should you settle for a cookie cutter program, which does great things for patients no doubt about it, but there are those who have failed on other plans and decide they need a program just for them, based on his or her lifestyle. The first week is designed to boost your weight loss journey by jumpstarting your loss with five to 7 pound gone in the first week. You see right away what you can expect to keep you motivated; this follows with a two to a three-pound loss per week in the weeks following.


As fast as the FDA can ban dangerous drugs, manufacturers, looking to get rich quick by preying on those who buy into the truth , that the bodies in the photos are not even real and are photoshopped to look perfect.

We already know how life-threatening Fen-Phen can be and yet some were eagerly taking it right up until the FDA snatched it from their hands regardless of the danger – dying to be thin.  Medical Weight Loss programs use only safe FDA approved medical supplements and you are examined carefully week to week so your progress is constantly being checking and revised as needed so it’s extremely safe. Help is just a click or phone call way.


VIP Medical Weight Loss Center in Boca Raton

Medical Weight Loss – Good vs. Bad Cholesterol

There’s a significant amount of misunderstanding when it comes to cholesterol. Most people would say that high levels of cholesterol are bad for you, while there are others that would argue that some cholesterol can benefit the body, and is actually essential. In some ways, both sides to this argument are right, but only when you take the time to understand the difference between good and bad cholesterol. If you’re planning to begin a Boca Raton medical weight loss program, then knowing the differences could have a significant impact on how you look at your current health, and how you plan your diet as you begin your weight loss journey.

Defining Cholesterol

Before you even begin Boca Raton medical weight loss, you’ll take part in a consultation process, where various tests will be taken. One of these tests will be a cholesterol test. High cholesterol is often a warning sign, and it can mean that you need to make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, which will help you to lose weight and avoid future complications including inflammation, blood clots, heart disease, and stroke.

Cholesterol itself is a wax-like substance that is produced naturally in the body, and It is also contained in some foods. With healthy levels of cholesterol, body functions perform better, and you will enjoy balanced health.

What Leads to High Levels of Bad Cholesterol?

If you’ve been told that you have problematic high cholesterol, then this means that you have excess levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein). This is also what is known as ‘bad’ cholesterol. If you have a poor diet that is rich in dairy, lard and animal fat, saturated fat, and processed animal products, then there’s a chance that your test will reveal high levels of bad cholesterol when you begin your medical weight loss program. However, genes, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, and even your ethnicity can have an influence on your risk of having high cholesterol levels.

Why is Good Cholesterol Different?

There’s another side of cholesterol that is not as widely understood, and that is HDL (high density lipoprotein). HDL works within the body to regulate the amount of LDL. If you have too much bad cholesterol that could lead to damage, then HDL, the ‘good’ cholesterol, will pick it up in your blood stream and take it to your liver for reprocessing.

This means that optimal levels of HDL are actually beneficial to your body, but not having enough could increase your risk of developing medical problems related to high levels of bad cholesterol. Weight loss plans in Boca Raton will help you to understand both sides of cholesterol in further detail, and you’ll also learn about different ways that can help to balance your cholesterol levels naturally, much of which can be achieved by exercising and changing your diet.

How Diet Can Raise Levels of Good Cholesterol

Medical Weight LossSimply losing weight can do wonders for your body’s ability to regulate levels of bad cholesterol, however, you can give your body even more of a boost by increasing your levels of good cholesterol by making healthy food choices. While nutrition in medical weight loss is highly specific to the individual, there are some safe changes that you can make to your diet, all of which can help to boost your good cholesterol levels. Remember, before you make any significant changes to your diet, you should always consult with your medical professional at VIP Medical Weight Loss.

These foods high in HDL are not just common, but they can also be delicious and they’ll add some variation to your regular diet.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is the perfect oil for salads and cooking at low temperatures. Not only does this oil increase levels of HDL, but it will also help to reduce inflammation caused by high levels of LDL.
  • Whole Grain Foods – Natural whole grains can help to lower bad cholesterol in your diet, because they are high in insoluble and soluble fiber.
  • High Fiber Fruits – Just like whole grain foods, fruits that are high in fiber can absorb bad cholesterol from your system, while boosting levels of good HDL cholesterol.
  • Omega 3 Rich Fish – Omega 3 is used as an anti-inflammatory, there is evidence to suggest it improves brain function, and most importantly, it’s an excellent source of HDL. Fatty fish are better, including tuna, salmon, and sardines. Opt for fresh fish, or canned varieties that contain lower amounts of sodium.

Talk to a Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss Doctor Today

If you want to get your weight to a healthy range, eat a better diet, and lower your levels of bad cholesterol, then medically guided weight loss is one of your best options. If you’re ready to make real changes in your life that will lead to major health benefits, then talk to an expert at VIP Medical Weight Loss today.



Medical Weight Loss Tips – Why you need to Reduce your Sodium Intake

Sodium is a necessary part of life; our bodies need it, badly, but one fun, very little known fact is that too much of it can actually increase your blood pressure. A blood pressure increase might not seem like much, after all, you hear people complaining all the time that their doctor diagnosed them with high blood pressure, and they seem to be walking around perfectly fine, don’t they? What you fail to realize is that high blood pressure can lead to stroke and heart attack, both of which can lead to either death or severe disability.

A stroke, for example, can severely affect your motor function and destroy your day to day activity. That being said, you want to do your best to make sure that you are not contributing to the degradation of your health by taking in too much salt. Don’t worry, part of good Boca Raton medical weight loss tips is giving people proper instruction and making sure that they are able to take care of their bodies, and sodium is one of the easier thing to avoid.

The Most Important Medical Weight Loss Tips: Read the Labels

medical weight lossIf you want to lower your sodium intake then you’re going to need to start reading labels, there is really no way around it. Before we get to that, we’d like to point out that the maximum sodium intake sits at about 2300 for an adult below the age of forty, though it decreases considerably once you reach your forties and beyond. The best thing you can do is take a look at the labels before you eat any processed food, and you’re going to be utterly shocked at how much salt a single meal can actually contain.

Let’s take McDonalds for example. If you were to purchase a McChicken and consume it, you would actually be eating 680 mg of sugar, and when you should only be consuming 2300 per day, you’ve practically eaten almost half of your daily allowance.

The same goes for other chain restaurants, Pizza Hut for example. If you take a look at some of their nutritional information you will find that many of the pizzas have 1100mg of sodium PER SLICE. If you’ve ever sat down and consumed an entire meat lovers pizza, then you’ve actually managed to take in a least four times of your recommended daily allowance. It’s no wonder your blood pressure has been shooting through the roof.

Getting on the Right Track

It’s going to be all about making sure you’re on the right track for the foreseeable future, and that means cutting down on the sodium. If you’re an avid consumer of fast food then we’ll say that this definitely isn’t going to be an easy venture – to say the least. That being said, you’re going to want to put your math skills to work and do some portion control – you can cut down the salt intake if you put your mind to it!

Look for Low Sodium Foods

If you look online you’re going to find a great list of low sodium foods that will be highly beneficial to your medical weight loss plan. One of the most important things that you can do is make sure you’re eating fruits and vegetables as they are plenty low in sodium. One of our favorite meals is chicken and avocado, but if you do choose to go the chicken route, make sure you take it easy on the seasoning!

Don’t worry, it might seem like a chore right now, but you can absolutely, positively get rid of the sodium and make your life a lot easier. Cut down on it, lower your blood pressure, and live a happier life. Also, do keep in mind that YES, you can live a happy life without fast food or a high sodium diet, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.

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What Foods Should You Avoid on Your Diet Plan?

Medical Weight Loss Tips: Why does Sugar Make you Gain Weight?

In our society there are a few things that are an absolute given when it comes to food. For example, in America you’re practically always going to find a pickle on your plate when you eat at a restaurant – that’s a tradition that is never going to go away. The other tradition is sugar, and it seems to be in absolutely everything.

Only in America can you order sweet tea and find it completely inundated with a bag of sugar, seriously, the rest of the world looks at us like we’re insane. So here’s the big question, are you ready? Why is sugar responsible for obesity and why does it make you gain weight?

In medical weight loss, sugar is a pretty big concern and we’re going to address a few of the reasons that it contributes to your weight gain. You might not be interested in cutting sugar out of your diet entirely, but at the end fo this article you might be considering moderation.

An Overview of Sugar – Essential Medical Weight Loss Knowledge

To start, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are comprised to two molecules: Glucose and Fructose. Let’s take a quick look at those two in slightly more detail:

  • Glucose – Admittedly, it’s vital to life and is an important part of metabolism. You will find this in your bloodstream as it is produced by the body, and each cell in our body draws upon it for energy. You can choose to eat this as part of your diet, or you can rely upon your body to create it for you.
  • Fructose – Unlike glucose, this is not created naturally by the body and is not necessary for life. Believe it or not, even though you might crave it, there are only a few cells in the body that can actually make use of it. As we eat sugar, the majority of it is turned into fat by the liver, which is then flooded into the blood stream. You can already see where this is going.

Insulin Resistance and You

sec-picYou’ve probably heard of insulin once or twice, but did you know that it’s actually a hormone? Actually, it’s one of the most important hormones in the human body as it regulates both metabolism and energy use. In an idea body, insulin will send a signal to the cells which transport glucose, ultimately allowing the cells to do their job.

Now, if we eat a high carb meal, glucose levels increase, and unfortunately higher levels of glucose within the body are actually toxic. That being the case, as glucose levels increase, insulin levels increase to combat it. The problem is that in healthy people, this system works perfectly, but it does tend to break down and cells can actually becomes resistant to the effects of insulin.

As more insulin enters your blood stream, energy is dropped into fat cells and the results are pretty obvious. By consuming excess fructose you are promoting insulin resistance within your body and you will therefore become overweight. Fortunately there is an easy fix for this which involves moderating the amount of sugar that you take into your body on a regular basis.

Any medical weight loss specialist will tell you that it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. Sugar stimulates the reward center of the brain, making it highly addictive and very difficult to quit if you aren’t diligent. Fortunately at our medical weight loss center in Boca Raton we’re able to help you design a comprehensive plan that will get you eating healthy and even cutting down on the sugar.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of discipline and a plan that is specially formulated to your needs; let us help you out! Read over our website and give us a call today, we’ll get you on the right track to both weight loss, and of course a happier existence. It might seem impossible right now, but don’t worry, we’re going to get you there.


Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss

Meet your Goal using Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss

Losing weight definitely presents a number of problems, especially in an age where a burger costs $1 and a salad costs $5 or more. With that aside, there are still ways for you to drop the weight if you are determined enough. If you are finding that you are heavier than you wish to be, there is a good chance that you’re having trouble imagining yourself at the goal line. How exactly do you get from Point A to Point B? What kind of work are you going to be putting in? For some people, putting in the work seems to be absolutely futile; they push, and push, and push, only to find that getting to the goal line is almost a pipe dream.

In the meantime, you start to experience symptoms of depression as the weight gain is literally stopping you from living your life in the manner that you see fit. So you’ve turned to fad diets, and you’ve tried the advice of friends, perhaps you’ve even tried starving yourself – none of these methods are effective with the exception of a few fad diets, and that only works with certain people. Remember – everyone is different, and everyone has very specific needs. That’s where Boca Raton medical weight loss comes into the picture.

The Goal Simplified with Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss

Instead of giving you a cookie cutter solution, we tend to celebrate the differences that our clients have. Your body is specific to YOU and that means YOU need a specific program designed to match your physiology. Make sense? Great! That brings us to our high end program that is designed to get you from here to there.

We don’t just put you through the paces and hang you out to dry – absolutely not! We make sure to get you to your target weight and educate you on how to most effectively keep it off. Once you meet with us we will be able to design a program specifically for you, and we’ll be able to help you lose that weight safely.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Boca Raton medical weight loss

One of the primary goals of people in Boca Raton is quick weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it safely. VIP Medical Weight Loss is a company that is highly concerned with the safety of its patients above all else, and that means helping you to achieve the maximum weight loss that your body can accommodate. Within our program you are going to be subjected to a number of different procedures and routines which include:

  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Education
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Injections
  • Meetings w/ On-Site Physician
  • Access to an Experienced Medical Team

Our medical weight loss solution utilizes premium injections proprietary to our clinic along with signature supplements that will keep you on target the entire time. We will help you to achieve and maintain, which is something that many other diets, especially fad diets, seem to have a serious problem with.

It’s time for you to stop dreaming about hitting your weight loss goals and living the life that you’ve always wanted, and time to start making it a reality. As a Boca Raton medical weight loss doctor we are prepared to bring your body up to YOUR standard and help you get to a good place.

Ready to start your journey? Are you prepared to leave your old life behind and start enjoying your new one? If so, now would be a great time to give us a call or fill out the form on our website. After a brief consultation we will be able to determine what would work best for you and most importantly, how to properly implement it into your life. Medical weight loss in Boca Raton is not guesswork; it is proven science and a proven method to get you to where you want to be. Give it a try and see where you go – there’s nowhere to go but up from here.