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Clearing Weight Loss Myths: Why You Should Avoid Starvation Diets

Summer’s coming soon and you all of a sudden realize you need to shed a few pounds before donning skimpy shorts or a bathing suit. So you think “I’ll just cut my calories down to only a few a day. That will do it for a weight loss plan!”

Well, think again. Starvation diets can have serious long-term effects on your health such as the loss of muscle. That’s because extreme calorie-cutting forces your body to burn muscle for fuel instead of fat. Isn’t that good, you ask? No, it’s not, because when you have less muscle mass your metabolism slows down, meaning that you no longer burn calories efficiently. It’s a vicious cycle.

So while you may drop some pounds rapidly on the scale with a starvation diet, you won’t see long-lasting results, and not just because you’ve lost muscle mass. Here are three more reasons to avoid a crash diet.

  1. When you go on a starvation diet, you’ll most likely be cutting out most carbohydrates such as pasta, breads and rice from your diet. In a normal diet, for every gram of carbohydrates you consume, your body retains 4 grams of water. Without the carbohydrates in your diet your body will expel all that water (you’ll pee a lot) and you’ll look slimmer and drop weight. But once you start eating normally again the pounds come right back on.
  1. When you lose weight quickly and then regain it almost as quickly, you are stressing your cardiovascular system. This type of yo-yo dieting can also decrease your glucose tolerance, which could lead to diabetes and heart disease. In short, yo-yo dieting has long-term negative health effects on your body.
  1. Starvation diets are not sustainable for weight loss nor are they pleasant for those around you. It isn’t possible to drastically cut your calories and remain healthy. You’ll find that you are constantly tired, hungry and cranky. You’ll lose your ability to concentrate as well. It’s also nearly impossible to maintain a normal social life where you can eat and drink with friends and family.


Finding the Right Answer

Weight Loss Program PlanSo what’s the answer? If you want weight loss that lasts and that makes you healthier, not sicker, drop the idea of going for a starvation diet. While it may seem counterintuitive that you need to eat in order to lose weight the idea is to eat nutritional, healthy calories found in a balanced diet. Stick to a food plan with lots of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits and a moderate intake of good fats. You’ll also want to combine this healthy diet with exercise and drinking lots of water to stay well-hydrated.

At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we specialize in providing medically assisted weight loss programs. We have two locations, one in Boca Raton and one in Wellington. Both locations offer a medically comprehensive and effective weight loss program designed to help you reach your weight goal while educating you on how to maintain that weight. You will be guided through a physician-monitored, step-by-step weight loss program, which has been custom tailored for you and will allow you to maintain weight safely and successfully.

Because our weight loss program is managed by a physician, you can be assured that the program is safe and designed to make you a healthier, happier person not a sicker, angrier one. You won’t find any gimmicks or fads here. Our physicians may prescribe supplements and dietary products as part of your weight loss plan but these supplements are specifically designed for your nutritional needs. All of our supplements are manufactured under strict guidelines for quality control and purity. This includes quality assurance testing on every raw material utilized, which guarantees exceptional product purity for optimal results.

Tracking Your Progress

You’ll also be given a complete physical examination before we customize a plan. During the exam, we’ll find out if there are any foods you should avoid and what type of exercise might be most appropriate for you on your journey. The exam will also help determine if there are any medical reasons for your inability to loose weight such as a thyroid problem. The exam also provides a baseline that we can use to track your progress along the way not only for weight loss also for improvements in key statistics such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, heart rate, and more.

Having this baseline is not only a great way for our physician to track your progress but it serves as a great motivation tool. Not only will you start to feel better, and more confident in yourself and your looks soon, you’ll have hard facts to prove that you aren’t just dreaming; that you really are getting healthier. You’ll find that all of this information provides great motivation boosts throughout your weight loss journey!

So give us a call today at 561-429-3812 (Wellington) or 561-206-6786 (Boca Raton) and get signed up for a free consultation. You, and your health, will be glad you chose VIP Medical Weight Loss in Wellington or Boca Raton.

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Use a Weight Loss Program to Get in Shape for Summer Sports

Ah, summer. The weekend rolls around to a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze. Flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping, and your dog is determined to bury every toy you give him. It’s a time for enjoying the outdoors, be it camping and toasting s’mores, at the beach playing volleyball, playing soccer at the park, and a myriad of other activities and sports. You may find yourself hesitating to put on your swimsuit or shorts, though, if you’re self-conscious about your weight. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we can help you develop a safe weight loss program that will let you fully enjoy your summer.

Why Use a Medical Weight Loss Program?

We know how we’re supposed to lose weight, and hear it all the time: Diet and exercise. What diet and what exercise in particular is different per person, though, and this can make losing weight even more difficult.

The word “diet” is also tricky. Your first thought may be special meals or nutritional shakes that you consume for a determined about a time–and that can certainly be a part of it. But the most important thing is your long-term diet; the best way to lose, and keep off, weight is to change what you eat for the long haul. This doesn’t mean no more chocolate or salty snacks, but it does mean more fruit and vegetables, and adjusting how much you eat as necessary. What you eat influences how much energy you have, which influences how much you can exercise, and how you feel overall.

This is why having the assistance of an experienced medical team can help you create the most safe and effective weight loss program for you. We’ll create a diet that will work for your body, and help you understand how what you eat and how what supplements you take influence your weight loss. Many store-bought supplements do not truly help you lose weight, and may even negatively impact your health. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we accept only the highest quality supplements, and our staff counsel with each patient individually to ensure they are designed a plan that works best for their unique body.

Many diets and regiments also advertise quick or near-instant results, such as being able to lose 50 pounds in two weeks to a month. Though this can sound tempting, losing weight properly–meaning safely and effectively–takes time and effort.

Why VIP Medical Weight Loss?

VIP Medical Weight LossAt VIP Medical Weight Loss, our first and primary concern is your health. That means not only helping you lose weight, but ensuring you do so safely. Sharply cutting back on the food you eat, drastically changing your diet, or exercising intensely without taking hydrated or resting enough are all ways you could accidently harm yourself while trying to lose weight.

In order to help you lose the weight you want, we combine nutrition counseling and education, pharmaceutical appetite suppressants, and injections. Our on-site physician and experienced medical team will meet with you weekly to ensure your journey is both effective and healthy. Our supplements are exclusively formulated for our clinic, and meet or exceed strict guidelines for quality and purity control. With our expertise, we’ve helped a number of patients lose 10, 20, and 35 pounds in just a few months time.

Though “a few months” sounds like ages in comparison to the time frames offered by programs on TV, this difference is critical for ensuring your overall health. Losing weight too quickly can cause, or be a sign of, a serious medical issue. Your body needs time to adjust to weight loss and to lifestyle changes.

Our weight loss program will teach you not only how to lose weight, but how to keep it off. It is important to realize that if you go back to unhealthy eating and not exercising once your hit your target weight, you will begin to put pounds back on. We create a program that encourages a healthy life, for life, and that means setting realistic goals (both during and after your time at our clinic), becoming aware of your health and needs, and the satisfaction of setting and reaching goals. Reaching your weight loss goal feels great; keeping those pounds off and knowing you’re healthier, both mentally and physically, feels even better.

So don’t let your weight keep you from enjoying your summer. Let our medical professionals at VIP Medical Weight Loss help you achieve your health and fitness goals, and give you the confidence you need to maintain them for the long term. Your health is important–so make sure you reach out to a clinic who feels the same way.

For more information, visit our website or call either of our offices.

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Wellington medical weight loss success stories

Summer is Coming – Is a Physician Weight Loss Program Right for You?

Summertime is one of the most active times of the year for some people – something about the sunshine and the warm weather makes outdoor exercise seem much more attractive. You may also be motivated by the thought of being at the beach and wanting to keep your body up to par with everyone else. There is no other state in the U.S. with so many beaches and coastline, so Floridians truly understand what it means to be “beach ready.” Aside from aesthetic image purposes, many people choose to go on a physician weight loss program before the approaching summer months because it is a great opportunity to start their journey to healthier life. Many people do not know where to start, and end up being disappointed with the results because they do not have the proper guidance. We have found that physician monitored weight loss is the most effective for a variety of people.  and that is where our office comes in to help increase your quality of life.

Who We Are

VIP Medical Weight Loss has made the vision of a expert-backed weight loss program into a reality. We have developed a customizable program that shows that one-size-fits-all programs are not effective. Throughout our numerous success stories, we have also witnessed overall changes in life perspective because of significant weight loss. Our mental support groups are one of the most successful parts of the program because dedicating your time to losing weight is not easy by any means; having support from others goes through the same experience makes struggles shared and accomplishments shared as well. This is the type of environment that we have created within our offices as we dedicate our time to helping you achieve your weight loss goal. Our two Boca Raton and Wellington Offices are available to serve native Floridians or anyone else who is seeking our care.

Starting With a Personalized Plan

The initial consultation lets our physicians analyze your medical history, past struggles with weight, and any measures that may be out of the question due to allergies or injuries. Our office then works to create a step by step program that can fit into your normal work/life routine. This program includes exercise, healthy eating choices, supplements, mental support groups, regular doctor consultations, and even surgical options if that is determined to be right for you. All of these resources are available at your fingertips under the supervision of a physician specializing in weight loss. While initial results may vary due to many factors like genetics, our clients experience support throughout the entire way and gain the self confidence to continue their plan until they see results.

Making the Best Choice for Summertime Weight Loss

Weight Loss ProgramWhile summertime is a great motivator for a beach body and opportunities to exercise are usually more desirable, summer also brings some unhealthy eating and drinking into the picture. These activities can bring down your metabolism and set you back even further. However, with our medical weight loss program you will be able to create a realistic plan with a doctor to limit your intake without having to sacrifice all of the activities you enjoy during summer. This is why our regimen is a much better option than regular all exercise or all dieting programs, especially during the summer. The reality is, even if you start a program well before summertime to get the coveted beach body, you will need to maintain that weight throughout the summer months if you want those results to last. If those results do not last, then your time and effort will have been wasted. We support total health transformations that give our clients a healthy weight for life. Impressing family and friends by summertime is just the icing on the cake after you commit to our program.

Summer Body Means a Healthier You

Our weight loss program is built on the foundation of always having a plan to follow. Humans implicitly understand the logical reasoning of putting time and effort towards something if they are able to see something broken down. This is no different when it comes to weight loss – if someone is constantly told they must lose weight because it is the societal norm to be skinny, they will grow resentful and maybe even depressed. If someone is told they must lose weight so they can enjoy life for years to come, this kickstarts them into caring about their future quality of life. This is the philosophy that we follow, as we continue to give our clients that results they want and the health-focused attitude that they need.


VIP Weight Loss Program that Peaks in the Summer Months

VIP Medical Weight Loss ProgramWant to lose weight? Who doesn’t! In America, being overweight is unfortunately a normal thing these days, and many have tried and failed to lose weight for various reasons. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you still might not be able to lose those extra pounds! As frustrating as it can be, it might not be the end of the world. There are many reasons that an attempt at weight loss fails, and it might be time to try and find something else. There is someone that can help, and we’re waiting for your phone call!

Here at VIP Medical Weight Loss, we’ve constructed a personalized program that looks over every aspect of your health and weight to make the perfect weight loss program for you. Our VIP weight loss program is so popular that it peaks in the summer months, when everyone’s just about ready to tear their hair out. Many of our clients come to us thinking that there’s no possible way for them to lose weight, that they’ve tried everything, and that we’ll just tell them everything they’ve heard before. That’s certainly not the case!

Obstructions to Weight Loss

Have you followed a careful diet? Counted calories? Worked at the gym until you’re ready to pass out? Are you still unhappy with the two to three pounds that were lost? You may be missing out on some of the other reasons you just can’t lose weight. As much as we like to pretend that counting calories and moving more is a one-size-fits-all fix, that’s not always the case. There are many other reasons that you might not be able to shed the pounds. For instance, your body may need more protein to work efficiently, and your calorie cutting has provided you with a high-carb diet. Your metabolism may need a high-fat low-sugar diet, but unless you magically knew that, you’d be sticking to the healthy foods that you have been eating for the past few months.

While yes, you need exercise; you may not be maximizing your potential in the gym. Some people have back problems, and others have knee problems. If you’re not used to heading for the gym, you may be wasting yourself by doing a half hour on the stationary bikes.

Whatever the reason, our medical professionals will go over everything with you and consider what may help you lose weight more efficiently.

Our Program

VIP Medical Weight Loss ProgramWe’re not the kind of people to tell you “oh, you’re just exercising wrong!” and send you on your way. Our program allows you to come in with whatever questions you may have, and allows you to sit with someone who actually has the answers. We’ll work with you through your entire plan and explain what might need changing. You’ll get actual medical experience on your side, and you’ll have someone to turn to every single time you stumble. Our program gives you the personal support you need to keep going, and someone to help try and figure out when you’re not losing the weight you want to. Think you’re at the end of your rope? We also provide medical help. That’s right, when eating and exercising properly aren’t enough, you’ll also get a healthy boost from us. We provide premium supplements to help you, as well as a few injections for a stronger boost in nutrients your body may need to keep pushing on!

It’s important to remember that results may vary. While we’ll be with you every step of the way, we can’t guarantee 100 pounds in 100 days, or whatever other outrageous claims you may have heard. We offer a program towards healthy and rapid weight loss, but results do vary between people. Someone over 300 pounds will lose weight more rapidly than someone only 30 pounds overweight, and they may have a higher number in the pounds shed section. There is also a difference in people, meaning that some bodies will be more stubborn in losing the fat, and will limit how quickly you lose the weight. We offer a program that on average helps people lose 5 to 7 pounds in the first week, and a 2 to 4 pound loss in the weeks after that.

Are you ready to finally lose that weight? Tired of promising yourself to do it tomorrow, and want to get started today? Contact VIP Medical Weight Loss for the best weight loss program in Florida. You’ll get a friend and medical professional on your side, and with our help, will lose weight the way you should. You’ve got a friend in us, so click here to go to our website now, and get started on the path to your goal weight!

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Heartfelt Success Stories from the Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss ProgramLosing weight can be extremely rewarding and gratifying, but, at the same time can be difficult. When you start a new program you are skeptical in the beginning, because like many of us, you have probably tried some other weight loss programs without success.

There Is A Better Way

There is a healthy way to lose weight and learn to eat a balanced diet in order to keep the weight off and to make a complete lifestyle change. We at VIP Medical Weight Loss know that in order to keep you motivated and feeling good about your choice of a weight loss program that an initial weight loss of five pounds or so in the first week will motivate you to continue the program until you receive the results that you are looking for.

After this initial loss, you can expect to continue to lose at least two pounds per week as you continue to follow the plan as outlined. Your weight loss plan will be designed especially for you and closely monitored by a physician. Of course, nothing motivates us quite like personal testimonials from those who have achieved their own weight loss goals.

You Can Do It Too

While it is true that each individual on a weight loss plan will have varying results, keep in mind some of those results will be nothing less than amazing. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to some of the remarkable success stories our clients have had on this plan.

Nicole M.

Nicole M. says she was actively pursuing her weight loss goals by frequently working out, but it was not working out satisfactorily for her. She was drawn to VIP Medical Weight Loss initially because the program is monitored by a physician, making her feel good about the choice she made. Physician monitoring shows our clients that we are serious about their weight loss and about their health.

Nicole says she lost 35 pounds in 7 weeks, more than her initial goal, and friends say she looks like a different person. She thinks she looks great and loves to shop for clothes now that she wears size 2-4, and wholeheartedly recommends the program to anyone looking to lose weight.

Danielle R.

Danielle R says VIP Medical Weight Loss “really works.” She appreciates the structure of the program including specific meal plans and she says that you can really see progress every week. Danielle is entering into perimenopause, making weight loss extremely difficult. She was, in fact, “gaining [weight] very quickly” and tried many other plans to lose the extra weight she was carrying going into menopause. She calls the VIP program “her last hope.” Danielle lost 38 pounds in 14 weeks, and she feels that this program is something she can easily follow the rest of her life.

Betty P.

Betty lost 40 pounds in 5 months on the VIP plan. She found herself in her early 50s saddled with a weight gain she was not happy with and was unable to lose the weight. She even engaged a personal trainer three hours a week and she still was not losing weight. She says that on the VIP plan all she did was follow the diet program, and, remarkably, did not exercise at all and still lost weight. Betty says that she is able to maintain her weight loss while still enjoying the things she likes to do such as boating, and enjoying an occasional alcoholic beverage.

Let’s Hear It from the else Guys

Weight Loss ProgramThe guys might be a bit skeptical about a plan like this. They worry about being able to eat their favorite foods and enjoy an occasional beer during the football game. Plus, it might not sound very cool to his buddies to be dieting. But it’s a proven fact that losing weight can boost your health in many ways, including lowering blood pressure, improving your energy and simply just feeling better.

John S.

John praises the VIP team for making their clients feel like family and for providing the support needed to keep on track. He feels that VIP was his last chance. He had reached the place where he knew it was time to make a change; he “was morbidly obese.” Before VIP, John’s weight was up to more than 300 pounds, his health was going downhill and his weight was severely impacting the rest of his life.

He was struggling with high blood pressure and diabetes. He had nothing to lose but some weight; he knew some people that had been very successful on the plan, so he decided it was time to give VIP a try. John lost 12 pounds in the first week and never looked back. John lost a total of 100 pounds in six weeks with the diet alone. Since completing the VIP diet, John says he is no longer diabetic, his blood pressure is down to normal, and he was able to get off of the medications he was taking because he didn’t need them anymore.

Now it’s your turn to be a success story.


Is There a Link Between Stress and Weight Loss?

Human beings will always be a product of their environment no matter how far we evolve, and no matter how far we attempt to stray from our roots. It’s just the way it is, so to speak. In the early days, humans developed the ‘fight or flight’ instinct, which, generally speaking, is the ability to perceive danger around us. Once this is initiated, two substances are released into the body:

These two hormones will give the body additional strength, drawing on stored carbohydrates and fat. The stressed that our early ancestors faced are not the same stresses that we face today, or at least we’d hope not. When was the last time you were forced to face down a mastodon in mortal combat? Be honest. Moving past that, however, no matter what type of stress we are dealing with, our body tends to have the same reaction: it looks to the stored fuel, as any good physician weight loss clinic will be glad to tell you.

That being said, as we become stressed, our body demands to be replenished, and that leads to us eating considerably more than we might have otherwise. So, with that in mind, it all sounds pretty simple: don’t eat when you’re stressed, or at least don’t over eat. The big question however, is how can you tell when you’re stressed? Obviously you won’t be facing down a mastodon or defending your family from a rival tribe (probably) but there are certain stressors in our everyday life that we need to watch out for, lest they lead to our eventual downfall and weight gain.

VIP medical weight loss clinic

The Most Common Stresses in the Modern World

The following are a few of the more common stresses that you can expect to face in the modern world:

  • Work Related Stress – This is the most obvious stress that you are going to face in your life, hands down. No one wants to go to work, and that compounds the stress you will be facing whether it is from your boss, your clients, your co-workers, or even from yourself. It is difficult to cut down on this type of stress, but it is known that you can easily tone it down by using calming techniques such as meditation, yoga, or other methods that you can use right at your desk.
  • Family Related Stress – Here we have a stress that is not always going to be that obvious. Why exactly? Because it’s something that you’ve dealt with all of your life. Even more importantly, it is often something that you walk right into willingly. Surely you see the problem with this. As the stress grows, so do your problems, and cutting it out can be difficult.
  • Outside Influences – There are plenty of outside influences that can cause stress – that is something you simply cannot deny. It could be your friends, it could be things around your house, it could even be the news. One of the best things you can do in this regard is simply make sure you’re cutting out the things that cause the stress or at least pick and choose what stresses you can deal with.

No matter what type of stress you are dealing with, the bottom line is that your body brings on elevated levels of cortisol, making it believe that it needs extra fuel to tap into that fight or flight response. As it does this, it typically stores that fat around the abdomen, creating what is often referred to as a ‘beer gut’.

What is Cortisol?

At a VIP medical weight loss clinic, one of the most commonly asked questions pertains to what cortisol is. Essentially, it activates glucose, fats, and amino acids for the purpose of keeping our body fueled with energy until we take the time to eat. Additionally cortisol will help to keep blood sugar levels maintained.

It seems complex, but maintaining your body and keeping yourself at a healthy weight all comes down to the following:

  • What you Eat
  • When you Eat It

It is strongly recommended that you eat three nutritious meals per day and two healthy snacks to help keep adrenal glands steady. In addition to that, it is know that eating in the morning is best as the Cortisol cycle begins to decline throughout the day. By eating, we elevate our cortisol, meaning it is best to eat large meals earlier in the day.

In the end, any good medical weight loss physician will tell you that stress and weight loss are definitely related, and you’ll need to take on the habit of not only eating properly, but also exercising. See your physician today and set up your own healthy schedule. Your body has been waiting for this.


Steamed Vegetables for Weight Loss – How do they Help?

On the journey to weight loss it can seem like an ever uphill battle to shed the extra pounds. There are new diets, pills, exercises, and countless articles on how to lose weight. What about when it comes to steamed vegetables though? Any weight loss doctor will say vegetables can be a big part in helping you to lose weight. Do vegetables really help though? And if so, how?

Fewer Calories, More Fiber

Weight Loss Program PlanVegetables in general are actually a recommended part for anyone’s daily diet. They have fiber to help your body function, and on top of which have fewer calories in general. Fiber help you to feel fuller faster, and is an excellent source of nutrition too. Vegetables can be combined into any number of dishes like stews, low fat stir fry, and even salads. You can even add vegetables to a wrap in enjoy the different tastes and textures of each one.

There are even vegetables that are great as snacks too. Celery is one that tastes great with a little peanut butter on it, or baby carrots with some low fat dressing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of vegetables you can eat.


Easy to Prepare

Steamed vegetables are remarkably easy to prepare. Vegetables steamers are very cheap now, and can even be used to prepare rice too. Broccoli for example steams very well. It only takes a few minutes before the broccoli can be taken out of the vegetable steamer, seasoned with a few spices, and consumed on it’s own.

With steamed vegetables there is very little hassle in preparation. At most a person only needs their chosen vegetable, some water, and seasonings before they prepare their dish. Steamed vegetables can also be prepared as side dishes for a big dinner. This helps to not only cut down on how many calories you’re consuming, but helps to add nutrition to the main dish too.

You Can Eat a Lot of Them (And still lose weight!)

Vegetables are very low in calories. Due to this people can actually consume large helpings of vegetables without going over their calorie limit for the day. For example, one cup of broccoli only contains 31 calories. A person could consume three cups of broccoli and they’ve only ingested 93 calories in total.

It’s why vegetable soups are usually so popular. Due to the low calorie content an individual can consume large helpings of vegetables to help them feel full. Vegetable broth is easy to come by, and in many recipes meat can be added in as well without taking away from the taste of the soup. So if an individual has a particularly large appetite that day. They can consume one or more helpings of vegetable soup to help them to feel full.

Sauces Can Make Steamed Vegetables Savory

Weight Loss ProgramSauces are usually combined with vegetables to make them more savory. They can come either pre-made in a package or be prepared at home. Small additions can be added to vegetables as well to add a bit more protein to them. Cheese can be added to steamed broccoli to help make it more satisfying and easier to eat.

Sometimes vegetables that are steamed without any additional seasonings don’t always taste the greatest too. Children may have a hard time consuming plain vegetables that have no seasoning or sauce to help boost up the taste. Adding a little bit of sauce not only makes the vegetables taste delicious, but can encourage little ones to eat them more often. The same can be said for people who are just starting to add more vegetables to their diet. Getting used to the taste can sometimes be a hard transition to make, and having some sauce to spice it up can help quite a bit.

The way vegetables are cooked can play a huge factor in whether they’re good for weight loss too. There are certain vegetables that require a certain way to be cooked so people can have the full advantage of the nutritional value of the vegetable. This is why steamed vegetables are usually one of the best options. They don’t require any oil, and ensures you’re eating low fat or non-fat vegetables. Steamed vegetables are also easier to digest and keep the vegetables more flavorful versus cooking them by other means.

Steamed vegetables are an excellent choice when it comes to losing weight. They’re easy to make, tasty, and above all extremely convenient. Just to name a few vegetables that are great for steaming are green beans, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, radishes, and even broccoli. They help to satisfy your hunger quicker and fill you up. Not to mention you can eat just about as many as you want without going over your calorie count for the day.


A Weight Loss Doctor can help you get your Life Back

The formula for weight loss is simple. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. But don’t let this straightforward solution fool you. Losing weight, for most people, is easier said than done. You may start off with a weight loss goal in mind and start working towards it in earnest, but find that you are not making much progress. Either you lose some weight at the beginning and then can’t seem to shed the remaining pounds, or you just do not lose any weight even with exercise and diet control. Frustrating, right? But don’t worry. Before you resign yourself to lugging along your extra pounds for the rest of your life, take a look at VIP Medical Weight Loss. This program helps you reach your weight loss goals easily in a safe and healthy way. A weight loss physician from VIP can help you stay fit and get your life back. Let’s find out how.

VIP medical weight loss

How VIP medical weight loss can help you

At VIP we don’t treat you as just another patient. We know each individual is different and how and when they lose weight and what they respond to is unique. So rather than having a one-size-fits-all weight loss process, our program focuses on each person individually and we come up with a step-by-step program that is tailored specifically for you. Our goal at VIP is not just to have you shed off the extra pounds, but also to continue to maintain that healthy weight long-term. You will not find any diet plans in the market that are customized for you and that can help you stay fit and healthy for years.

To start off, we schedule an initial consultation with you as a new patient and your doctor will be able to answer all of your questions and help you feel comfortable with the whole process by going over the details. The doctor will also go over your medical history and weight loss goals. After this consultation, if you feel this physician assisted program is for you, you can go ahead and make future appointments. Keeping regular appointments is essential for this program to succeed for you. Once we start you off on our weight loss program, we guide you step-by-step by having you meet weekly with our on-site physician and experienced medical team. This will give you the opportunity to have a good understanding about your weight loss program and also have any questions or concerns addressed. The VIP team is always here to support, guide, and encourage you on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss ProgramAnother important benefit of our weight loss program is the customized meal and exercise plans. You will be educated about what works best for you. Counseling and nutritional guidance are also an integral part of our program. Pharmaceutical appetite suppressants as well as injections that aid with weight loss may also be used to further aid the weight loss process. We offer our clients exclusively formulated nutritional supplements and dietary products that we manufacture under strict guidelines and quality control. We offer a range of nutritious, diet-friendly, and absolutely delicious convenient items that you can take advantage of.

The proof about the success of our medical weight loss program comes in the form of testimonials and recommendations from our highly satisfied clients. And we have a lot of them! Check out our website for pictures and videos of our satisfied clients. On an average, the patients who stick with our program lose 5-7 pounds in the first week, and 2-4 pounds in subsequent weeks. No two individuals are alike, however, and results vary to some degree from person to person.

With convenient locations in Boca Raton, Wellington, and Delray Beach in Florida, you can take advantage of the location closest to you. So whether it is just a few pounds or a fifty or hundred pounds that you are looking to lose, we are here to assist you reach your goals in an easy and healthy manner. Call VIP Medical today and schedule your free consultation. This just might be the healthiest decision you’ve ever made!

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The Link Between Weight Loss and Mental Health

There are many options to lose weight today. Either through a weight loss program, diet, personal trainer, exercise, and more. When it comes to our weight though does it have a link to your mental health too? While it can vary from person to person. There is evidence that our weight does have a significant effect on our mental health.

Excess Weight and Mental Health

There was a Harvard study done which combined the date of more than 120,000 women and more than 50,000 men. The study showed quite a few statistics when it came to health and weight. When it came to the psychological effects of excess weight it showed people were more prone to eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. Not to mention the large number of health risks that comes with excess weight. What about depression though? Is depression directly linked with weight gain or loss?

There was a review done of fifteen studies done. The study came out in 2010 and was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. The study found that obese individuals had a 55% higher risk of developing some form of depression when compared to individuals who have a healthy weight. There was another study done which showed people with depression have a 58% higher risk of becoming an obese individual themselves.

On that note, what about weight loss? Can weight loss help to improve an individual’s mental state?

Weight Loss and Mental Health


Mental Health Associated with Weight Loss

There was a study done at Kent State University on this very subject. The lead author for the study, John Gunstad who works as the Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University states:

We’ve known for a long time that obesity is a risk factor for things like Alzheimer’s disease and stroke, and more recent work really shows that obesity is a link to memory problems and concentration problems before that even begins. If excess weight causes these problems, can losing weight help reverse them? That’s what we wanted to research. “

The study was conducted by performing gastric bypass surgery on group of people who were obese and comparing that group’s cognitive skills to another group of people who did not have the surgery. The first group lost fifty pounds over the course of twelve weeks. They tested and have normal or above normal levels for memory and concentration. The results showed that there was no real improvement in cognitive abilities from the group that did not lose weight. Findings did reveal there was a small decrease in mental acuity for the same people over the course of the three month period the study was conducted.

Expert do know that maintaining a healthy weight can help people not to develop anxiety, depression, or suffer from low self esteem. However, there can be many other factors in play for an individual to suffer poor mental health. What about when it comes to the process of weight loss? Exercise and good diet? Does that help to increase mental health?

The Process of Losing Weight Can Help With Mental Health

Weight Loss and HealthExercise itself is directly linked to mental health. It’s been shown that even a simple jog or a walk can help to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins creating a feeling of euphoria and happiness naturally. This in turn can boost a person’s mood, and can even help to alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety or depression. Doctors have even recommended that people who suffer from anxiety or depression work out regularly. In some cases exercise worked just as well as taking antidepressant pills to treat depression.

Exercise can also help to cut down on stress. Stress can lead to many health problems, including weight gain. When an individual works up a sweat it helps to shed mental and physical stress. Exercise helps by increasing the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical in the brain that moderate how it responds to stress. Exercise can even the body and mind to deal with stress better in the long run while also relieving the mental tension an individual may have. Exercise has also been proven to help increase overall brain performance in the long run.

The process of weight loss has a greater effect on a person’s mental health. While losing weight can boost a person’s self esteem, is healthier, reduce the risk of declining mental health, and more. Losing weight is not a cure all for a happy, healthy mind. There can be other factors that affect mental health in the long term such as relationships, outside factors, or other reasons a person is suffering from poor mental health. Still, the process of weight loss can help to maintain a healthy mind. It also goes to show how closely linked it is with the mind as well.



Get Into a Weight Loss Program and Shed the Pounds

If you are like many in America right now, there is a good chance that you are finding yourself at a bit of a loss when it comes to healthy eating, dieting, and weight loss in general. If you take a look around you will clearly see that we have a bit of a problem with obesity and much of it has to do with the practices we have employed in this country since the end of the second World War. The following are a few of the changes that are quite evident, and some of them are reasons that a good weight loss program might need to be in your future.

  • Food Availability – With the introduction of ready-to-eat foods, TV dinners, and snack foods to the market, we have more access to food than ever before. Prior to the 1950’s, food had to be prepared on a meal by meal basis unless of course you wanted to visit a diner multiple times per day. You have more options now than ever before and you can cook them right in your home – any time you want. This is a huge contributor to the obesity epidemic, and one that you will need to learn to control. Impulse is the new disease, and self control is the cure.
  • Processed Foods – This goes hand in hand with food availability, but it is still a bit of a separate problem warranting its own session. You see, the issue here is simply that processed foods are cheaper than healthy foods. If you have ever gone to a fast food restaurant, you can see a difference in the price of healthy foods vs. non-healthy foods. For example, the price of a hamburger may over around $0.99 while a salad will be $4.99. One could go so far as to say that the financial status of individuals is not the responsibility of the restaurant in question, but they definitely contribute to the issue in many ways.
  • Portion Sizes – The amount of food that we eat in a single sitting has changed significantly over the last fifty years, which should come as no surprise to anyone. These changes have led to serious problems, obesity naturally being one of them. One of the greatest recommendations we have regarding this, is to simply use a smaller plate so as to trick yourself into believing that you are eating a portion size larger than you actually are. This might be a small gesture, but it can certainly go a long way if you let it.

Getting the Help you Need

Above we have listed some of the most common issues, but how do you address them? More importantly, how do you go about getting the help that you actually need? It might not be easy but it most certainly can be done. The trick is to find a good medical weight loss program that will address your needs while giving you the tools you require to keep yourself at a healthy weight later on.

What is it that a medically guided physician weight loss program can give you that you cannot give yourself at home? There are a few things, actually. First of all, you will find that a medical program is able to address underlying problems that you might be experiencing. For example, many will find that their obesity and rapid weight gain is the result of a medical issue such as hypothyroidism, and that this problem needs to be treated before the weight loss can properly be addressed. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it might sound, sometimes it can be controlled with medication.

The most important thing to remember when you are getting the help you need is that accountability is key. In other words, if you find that you cannot hold yourself responsible for your weight loss, there is no shame in finding someone else to help you out. It could be a friend, or it could be one of the physicians at our weight loss center. The more answerable you are to someone, the more motivated you will feel to move forward with VIP medical weight loss services.

Along with giving you motivation, you will be given a way to track you progress, which in our opinion is literally one of the most important things to consider when you are attempting to increase your weight loss. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to using a basic weight loss program is that of adhering to the program without tracking any of their progress, at all. This might be a bit confusing, after all, wouldn’t you still be gaining the progress even if you aren’t necessarily recording it? Yes, you might be losing weight, and you might even be losing inches from your waist, but if you can’t see it, you literally have no reason to believe that you actually are, and with that being the case, you might relapse easier, falling back onto your old habits, and that is NOT a road that you want to go down. To put it quite simply, weight loss is an uphill battle and it is far too easy to slide back down the way you came. If you can’t see the progress, then why should you want to continue it? That is the logic many use, and from a certain standpoint it makes sense. That being said, do your best to make sure that you do not become stuck in this rut. Give yourself a fighting chance – use a medical weight loss approach and get back to the weight you can deal with.