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Medical Weight Loss with Steamed Vegetables

If you are looking for a Boca Raton weight loss program look no further than VIP Medical Weight Loss.  For some, weight loss can be a very difficult journey, proving to be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.  VIP has changed not just the way people look, but also how they feel.  This doctor-supervised program isn’t just about counting calories and getting in exercise, it consists of customized solutions to provide results on a very personalized basis.  Different people have different needs when it comes to losing weight, thus this tough undertaking is not a one size fits all approach.

VIP Medical Weight Loss incorporates elements such as daily, weekly, or monthly physician consultations, custom meal plans or pre-packaged food, personal exercise plans, mental support groups, medications, even surgical options and resources.  We understand that not everyone will need all of the options that are offered, which is why we offer personalized plans per patient.  During your initial consultation, you will learn about all options available and discussing your short and long term goal the doctors can determine which treatment options are right for you and your lifestyle.  Keep in mind that weight loss ultimately depends on the individual, particularly their will power to stick to their customized plan.

A Healthy Diet

Losing weight is not about “diets”, it’s about lifestyle changes.  Believe it or not, some of these changes can be very easy to make.  Foods that were traditionally prepared using unhealthy methods can live up to their maximum value just by changing the way they are prepared.  For example, let’s say you love fried chicken.  Though it is very tasty, it is also very bad for you.  The solution:  oven “fried” chicken.  Just remove the skin and dredge the meat in panko or even corn flake crumbs and bake instead of fry the chicken.

When a person is trying to lose weight one of the best things they can do is eat more vegetables.  Veggies are healthy powerhouses filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other things that are oh so good for you.  Instead of sabotaging your weight loss with fried vegetables, just look into other ways of preparing them.  You don’t have to consume salads or cold, raw vegetables, you just need to know how to prepare them.

Perhaps the best way to prepare vegetables that gives amazing flavor but also locks all of the critical nutrients in is to simply steam your veggies.  Whether they be fresh, frozen, or purchased fresh and put in the freezer to keep them longer, steaming is a very easy and beneficial way to get your veggies in.  Never boil vegetables, this means that not only the flavor seeps into the water, so do the critical nutrients.  Not to mention steaming is an absolute snap that even a novice cook can master the technique of.

Steam Options

Boca Raton weight loss programWhen it comes to steaming veggies, you can use a traditional metal steam basket, a tiered bamboo steamer, or even your microwave.  Some appliances like rice cookers come with steamer baskets meaning that while the rice is cooking, the lid will hold in steam thus cook vegetables and your rice at the same time.  As a lot of people are very busy and looking for efficient mean preparation, this is a great two-in-one option that can really cut down on cooking time.

Fresh, Frozen, or Canned

While canned vegetables certainly are convenient, they are also packed with salt.  Even the cans marked “no salt added” have additional sodium, thus need to be rinsed before they are cooked.  This just adds an extra step thus takes up time.  Not to mention a lot of studies have surfaced about cans containing chemicals that seep into their contents thus a person’s body.  This is where fresh, frozen, or fresh frozen vegetables can save the day.  They have no added salt or chemicals, and salt is something a person looking to lose weight needs to cut back on.  Even for those who aren’t looking to shed pounds fresh and frozen vegetables are a “cleaner” food and one does not have to worry about chemicals associated with cans.

You can easily control the “crunch-level” when steaming vegetables by cooking them just past raw with a nice crisp or to the point that the crunch is gone leaving a much softer texture.  A lot of canned vegetables don’t offer this crispness and do keep in mind that less cooking means more nutrient retention.  Steaming also beautifully preserves the true flavor of a vegetable.  Instead of tasting like a flavorless lump of cotton, veggies keep their “bright” and fresh flavors.  If you have ever pulled a sugar snap pea right off the vine to munch on, you can duplicate that experience by steaming the peas to barely done.  So if you are looking to lose weight or just eat a diet with less chemicals, learn what simple steam can do for everyday vegetables.

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Weight Loss Program wellington

What Role Do Supplements Play in a Boca Raton Weight Loss Program?

Supplements are an effective complement to a consistent weight loss regimen, but their purpose is greatly misunderstood. Few people truly understand what is in supplements and often take them for the hype or because they are expecting a miracle pill. Some people actually end up having an adverse reaction to the pills, which can set them back even further when to comes to overall health.

VIP Medical Weight Loss’s recommended supplements are backed by physicians that have a greater understanding of personal medical history. They also have the skills to know how the supplement will break down and which ones will work better on your body type. Supplements play a critical role in our Boca Raton Weight Loss Program because it is a comprehensive approach; our program utilizes all resources and techniques to work together for more effective results.

Losing Weight the Right Way

The inability to lose weight is debilitating and discouraging. Many failed attempts often leads to giving up completely, which means that these individuals suffer from self confidence issues and poor health for the rest of their lives. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we have created a customized weight loss plan that is physician monitored to help our patients lose weight the right way – not by taking drastic, unsuccessful measures. Many over the counter supplements are extremely harmful for your body over time, but due to loose regulations these supplements still sneak into stores. Consumers only recognize the brand from commercials, but do not understand exactly what they are putting into their body. Losing weight the right way requires effort and time before results. While the journey is not as easy as the commercials say, it is easier when you have a physician and our office supporting you throughout the entire way.

About Our Supplements

Our supplements and dietary products are accepted into our office only after passing strict regulations and purity quality control. Our physicians are constantly keeping up to date on the latest pharmaceutical technology to bring in the best supplements currently on the market. We want our clients to succeed because your success is the reputation of our practice, and so we work to bring in the most effective supplements possible.

The term supplement encompasses many different products, such as pills, injections, nutritional bars, and anything that was created specifically for the purpose of maintaining a healthy weight. Something as simple as a vitamin or as potent as an energy B12 shot can help your weak areas improve.

Incorporating Supplements into the Boca Raton Weight Loss Program

Boca Raton Weight Loss ProgramAfter an initial consultation with a physician, you will create a plan that incorporates all factors of weight loss that you can manage. This plan will be different for everyone, as age can affect someone’s exercise plan and allergies to certain foods can affect someone else’s meal plan. This comprehensive approach to weight loss targets all areas at one time, to kickstart your body into weight loss mode and to get you used to a healthier lifestyle. Often the greatest culprit keeping people from effectively losing weight is being able to stay on track with the program they started. It takes time and effort to become used to a different lifestyle overall, whether it is health related or not. Our program slowly takes you step by step to reach those mental goals as well. Once you have developed a plan, supplements can also be introduced into your routine simply as an aid to your exercise efforts and pre-planned diet.

Healthy for Life

The greatest, most effective part of our program is that it teaches our clients to be aware of their total body health. Once you have reached your target weight, you will feel better than you ever have before from the physical weight loss and the mental reward of completing your goal. However, weight loss and being healthy in general is something that everyone must work at for the rest of their lives – your plan does not stop with reaching a number on the scale. Our physicians teach you to be self sufficient with your health goals, and to expect realistic results based on the effort that you put in. We also can educate you on the different types of supplements commercially available, and which ones you should continue to use. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we care about our clients from the moment they first step into the door of our Boca Raton office, and this level of care gives us results that other weight loss programs cannot attain.

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Why VIP Medical Weight Loss Programs in Boca Raton Works

A lot of people want to lose weight. It’s just a fact that in our modern day society, the ideal man or woman is toned, fit, and slim, while a vast majority of the country is in fact overweight. For those of us with a few extra pounds to lose, it may be a long and difficult process that gets put aside every so often. After all, when you don’t see much of a change on the scale, it can be very easy to give up, or to say that you’ll try again some day.

If you’ve tried every fad diet out there, used every machine in the gym, gone on long walks after work, and anything else you could have thought of, you might still have trouble. It’s not easy losing weight on your own, and when it feels like you’ve done absolutely everything possible and still failing, it’s even harder to continue going on your own. So why do we know our VIP medical weight loss programs in Boca Raton work?

boca raton weight loss program

Proper Diet

Yes, we know you’ve tried all sorts of diets. But have you ever had a medical professional look over your diet and try to find some plan that works for your body? Some people benefit over a high-fat diet, while others prefer a high-carb diet. Bodies vary, and so do people’s experiences. We have our staff check you out, finding out what foods you prefer, and how you’ve been reacting on your previous diets to find a nutritional diet that will suit you. With a good diet, you’ll feel better about every day, enjoy your meals, and be encouraged to continue!

Exercise Plan

While you may have used every piece of gym equipment out there, have you used it correctly? Are you utilizing the gym to your maximum potential? Many people aren’t actually sure of what sort of plan they should be following, or whether they’re doing it properly. For a while, something may seem to work, but if you’re not consistently making progress, you may peter out. When you need support, you’ve got us! We’ll help you go over a personalized exercise plan suited to your body’s limits and what you can handle, and show how you should be encouraging your body to keep going. We’ll help you balance anaerobic with aerobic training, and show you how to maximize your calories burned. If you ever have any questions about it, we’re just a phone call or appointment away, and we’ll help you change any part of the plan if it needs it!

Supplements and Nutrients

boca raton weight loss programIf you need a little extra boost, you’ll get actual medical attention to help. We offer premium supplements and a few injections to get you what you need. If you have issues keeping a good iron level, for instance, we have a way to keep you healthy and working towards your goal. Depending on what you need, we will be there to provide you with it!


One of the biggest things we offer is customized support. For every step you take towards a healthier body, we’ll be there for you. If you have questions, or feel like quitting, we’re right there to help you push forward. We provide encouragement and emotional support as much as we offer medical advice, and we’ll always be there for you when you stumble or fall. Breaking your diet, or skipping the gym, or even skipping a good night’s sleep just once doesn’t have to ruin all you’ve accomplished, and we’ll be there to remind you of that. Statistics show that the more support you have, the more likely you’ll continue onward with your goals and reach the weight you’ve wanted to be at.

When a doctor helps supervise your weight loss, you may think that something is odd about that, or you may feel embarrassed. The fact is, you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about turning to outside help. Having someone else encourage you on has been proved to help you more than heading forward on your own, and for good reason. With someone else reminding you of all the things you’ve accomplished, and that you don’t have to give up because you messed up one day, you’re more likely to keep walking forward, rather than giving up!

Our boca raton weight loss program works for nearly everyone that signs up. The results may vary, but you’ll still find a healthy way to lose the weight you want, and with the care and support you deserve. Do you think it’s time to perhaps get someone’s help? Find the encouragement you know you deserve by contacting us today to start your program. Lose weight the way you want, and lose weight fast with VIP Medical Weight Loss!



Physician Assisted Weight Loss in Boca Raton and Wellington

Assisted Weight Loss ProgramTry as you might, the diet plans you’ve been following just haven’t been working enough. You exercise as much as you should, but you still aren’t losing the weight that you want. Although you may think that you’re doing something wrong, it may not be your fault. Sometimes there are other forces at play in your body, making your weight loss less efficient, and causing you to stress about it unnecessarily. It’s time for you to look into physician assisted weight loss here in Boca Raton and Wellington.

Personal Weight Loss

If you’ve already been trying to lose weight, chances are you’ve already tried the tried and true methods. You’ve cut your calories to around 1500 a day, focused on eating healthier items as much as you can, and cut out a dessert or two. With a healthier and more constricted diet, it’s almost a law of nature that you’ll end up losing weight. Pair it with moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, and you should be golden. However, though you should be safely and permanently losing around half a pound a week on that kind of lifestyle, you might not have had that much success.

Even with taking evening strolls and working on a treadmill or an elliptical, you’re not losing weight at the rate that you should, and you’re not seeing the results you wanted. Is there another way?

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program

Here at VIP Medical Weight Loss in Florida, we offer a certified physician assisted medical weight loss program. When you’re just not losing weight the way that you thought you should, or when things don’t seem to be working out right, you might need help from a doctor. Our program helps isolate causes for your slowed weight loss, and a way to help override it. With our doctors by your side, you’ll lose the weight you want at the rate you should have.

weight loss here in Boca RatonOur programs help pair you up with a physician that looks your record over. He or she will look at what you’re already doing to try and lose weight, and consider what might be holding you back. Our physician will then try a few different methods, starting you on a personalized plan. We have consultations available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as a personalized meal and exercise plan. You’ll have access to mental support groups to help you continue onward in your quest without creating an unhealthy relationship with food or weight loss. You’ll also be given certain medications, should your body need a final push.

Taking medication might seem a little odd, especially if you’re thinking of losing weight safely, but it is a factor. Sometimes the body doesn’t metabolize the way it should. Other times, your hormones can struggle to keep up with what you need. If your physician finds that your body doesn’t want to work with you, they may supply you with those alternative medicines to help. In the end, your physician will do what he or she has to do in order to help you lose that weight you no longer want. You don’t have to fight to lose weight on your own; you can get the help of a physician, and the help of VIP Medical Weight Loss!

Losing weight isn’t really easy. Even cutting down on food can get to you if you don’t make the first step correctly. Don’t run before you can walk, and don’t rapidly change your entire lifestyle in the aim for healthy living. With VIP, you’ll get VIP treatment and help in slowly dipping into your new life. We’ll help you take baby steps into your new changes, from a slowly changing diet to a steadily increasing exercise. You won’t ever have to worry about your changed life warping back into what it used to be; you’ll learn all new habits.

Why VIP?

VIP Medical Weight Loss is located in both Boca Raton and Wellington, Florida, perfectly located for maximum potential. We have physicians waiting to meet with you and discover how to help you achieve your goal. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or a hundred pounds, you can do it, and we can help you get there.

We will work with you one-on-one to create a custom plan, and focus on being there for you through thick and thin. If you’re willing to put 100% effort into losing weight, we’ll be with you 110%. So go ahead, make that first step towards being a better you, and call us for an appointment. Our office is always open to new patients, and we’re always ready to help you on your newest journey. Get a winning team on your side by getting a VIP appointment today!

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