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Medical Weight Loss Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

Are there Natural Factors Blocking your Weight Loss?

Weight loss is the main struggle for over half of American society today. Having a reliable resource for tackling this mission is key for ultimate weight loss success. Wellington Medical Weight Loss Center recognizes that obesity can affect anyone regardless of age or gender, and we are here to help. Often times, there are natural factors involved that are the main cause of weight loss obstacles. By recognizing these feats and learning how to tackle them, you can be on the way to a successful weight loss journey and ultimately a healthier life. We are here to help you get started today in achieving your weight loss goals and sustaining your weight loss for life.

Natural Factors that Affect Weight Loss

Many people struggling to lose weight do not recognize the natural factors in their bodies that are keeping them from achieving their weight loss goals. Simply nourishing your body with good food is not enough to lose weight and maintain optimal health. The metabolic process of the body is greatly influenced by emotional, energetic, and physical principles that effect it’s ultimate function. Emotions are a main natural factor linked to weight loss because we turn to food for comfort in our tough times. Genetics are an uncontrollable natural factor that affects weight loss. These are inherited and will greatly influence how our body functions.

Hormones are a significant natural factor of weight loss because they can cause an array of issues affecting weight loss. The environment we thrive in can also play a large role in weight loss attempts. A toxic environment full of cleaning chemicals, smoke, etc. can be absorbed into the body in various ways creating health barriers. Additionally, electromagnetic frequencies can affect the body’s metabolic process. Relationships are the most overlooked natural factor to weight loss. Relationships affect how we feel about ourselves and our overall happiness. An unhealthy relationship can cause us to overlook the importance of nourishing ourselves properly.

Our Comprehensive Program

Wellington Medical Weight Loss Program CenterWellington Medical Weight Loss Program Center provides the best Medical Weight Loss program in the Wellington area. Their weight loss shakes and procedures are affordably priced to ensure accessibility to the public. Our passion for helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle creates a driving force for success like no other company. Whether your goal is to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs, our highly qualified and well-educated staff are here to help you meet your goals. Our patients rely on us to help them stay on track and help them thoroughly understand their personalized program and how it relates to their specific dietary needs.

Our Flexible Options

While we recognize that obesity can be attributed to many different factors, we are equipped with all of the necessary tools, education, and qualifications to meet varied patient needs. We offer flexible options such as nutritional shake meal replacements, weight loss procedures, pre-packaged meals, diet pills, and personal training assistance. Each comprehensive program is designed tailored to your individual needs with the patient’s strengths in mind. We believe that this is a significant factor in achieving overall success. Our one on one, personalized consultations help patients to pinpoint their areas of need and our group therapy setting provides a place for our patients to find support with others that are going through similar situations.

A Healthier You

Our staff at Wellington Medi Weight Loss are looking forward to helping you get started to a healthier new you today. By making one call we will offer a free consultation to help you assess your needs and provide you with the help you need to achieve long-term weight loss results. Our medical weight loss clinic costs are significantly lower than our competitors because we want to ensure accessibility to our services.

We pride ourselves on our patient relationships and providing them the support they need to achieve optimal results. Our doctors go above and beyond to get to know our patients on a personal level to help them pick the program that works best for them. Whether man or woman, if you are suffering from obesity, call us today. We look forward to helping you lead a happy, healthy life.


Medical weight loss clinic help

The Crusade Against Fat – Why it was Totally Wrong

You’ve heard it before: fat is bad. It’s something that everyone likes to say but we’re going to raise an important question: how bad is it actually? If you’ve been keeping up with our blog to any extent then you already know that there are good fats, and bad fats, and just about everything in between. So where did this anti-fat movement come from, exactly? Well, we can actually trace it back to the 1970’s, believe it or not, and it was actually based on a highly flawed study by a man named Ancel Keys. He published a study regarding six different countries, and in these studies, he made the statement that higher saturated fat intake is a leading cause of heart disease.

Oddly enough, he performed research on 22 countries and left 16 out of those, he chose the six that met his criteria. Naturally, this is just one of the issues that have been raised against fat, but we’re not going to condemn every single organization that made a mistake in the 20th century. Instead, we’re going to discuss the reason fat is actually a good thing, and most importantly how our Wellington medical weight loss can design a program just for you.

Good Fat, Bad Fat, and Everything in Between

To get started here, we’ll say that there are three different macronutrient types which come in the following varieties:

  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins

Carbs taste better than proteins, as you already know, and that often means you end up going on a high carb diet. In the 70’s, supermarkets (do you remember supermarkets) started stocking their shelves with ‘low fat’ items, and people ate it up, literally. The problem was that information wasn’t as prevalent back then. People relied on paper publications, and quite frankly, they believed what they were told because they didn’t have much another choice.

A 2010 study recently found that by replacing saturated fat with carbohydrates, you increase your insulin resistance, and therefore, you increase the risk of obesity. Ironically, you also increase your risk of heart disease, which is precisely what you were trying to avoid.

A Look at Different Types of Fats

Wellington medical weight loss

What many people fail to realize, is that there are in fact many different types of fats out there. When you think of ‘fat’, you imagine this evil entity that’s looking to increase the size of your thighs or bring out the spare tire, when, in fact, there are three different types of fats that you need to consider when you are setting up your perfect diet or a Wellington Medical weight loss program. Let’s explore the three types of fats, and then talk about the need for a good weight loss program.

Saturated Fat

This is often referred to as a ‘solid fat’, and you’ll find it in most animal foods. There are several foods in which it is more prominent, however.

Foods High in Solid/Saturated Fats

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Foods Low in Solid/Saturated Fats
  • Poultry
  • Fish

You will also find that tropical oils like palm oil, cocoa butter, and coconut butter have their own saturated fat. For a healthy diet, consider taking in 10% of your daily calories from saturated fats.

Trans Fat

What we have here is a fat that is changed by hydrogenation, which increases the shelf life. A harder fat is introduced into pie crusts and even crackers. Just remember that trans fat raises your cholesterol, so take it in moderation.

You can find trans fat in:

  • Chips
  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Margarine
  • Salad Dressings

This is a fat that has been changed by a process called hydrogenation. This process increases the shelf life of fat and makes the fat harder at room temperature. Harder fat makes crispier crackers and flakier pie crusts. Trans fat can raise your cholesterol, so eat as little trans fat as possible. You’ll find it in:

Unsaturated Fat

This is a liquid fat, at least at room temperature, and it is derived from fat oils. Unsaturated fat will help you to improve your cholesterol oils, so, with that being said, this should be a good chunk of your diet.

As you can see, there are several different types of fats, and it all comes down to moderation. For more help, check out our medical weight loss centers in Wellington. We will strive to get you on a plan and make sure that it is adjusted to your particular body type and metabolism.


Boca Raton Medical Weight Loss

Wellington Medical weight loss program

If you are tired of being overweight and are serious about making a change, Medical Weight Loss Center of Wellington can help. Whether you are unhappy with your weight for a solely aesthetic reason, or maybe from concerning health issues that arose from being overweight, we want to help. We understand how hard it is to lose weight, especially on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team of professionals and Doctors offer a wide variety of shakes and procedures at a cost that won’t break the bank.

We offer such great deals because we care, we are passionate about getting you the body you want. Age, gender, and physical attributes do no matter, obesity can affect anyone. There are many factors that lead to a person being overweight or obese, we take the time to examine these issues and provide options accordingly. Whether you’re looking to lose five pounds or one hundred, we can help!

You Are Not Alone

Losing weight can be next to impossible for some without a support system. We at the Wellington Weight loss Center can offer you the tools and knowledge you need to make the changes necessary for weight loss. We offer a wide variety of resources that fit almost every specific weight loss need. These tools and resources range from personal trainers to diet plans and pre-packaged meals, and diet pills. Our Doctors work with clients to determine which approach may be best to help you on your weight loss mission. We pride ourselves on taking a personal interest in our clients and will work tirelessly to help you get the results you desire.

How We Approach Personal Weight Loss

Wellington Medical weight lossThere are various methods used to determine the root of a person’s weight gain. We tend to take the trial and error approach, seeing what works best for our clients, and what has the least impact on their day to day activities. It is important to understand that everyone is different, what may work well for some may not for others. Rest assured we study a person’s personal habits and what may trigger a person’s unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. Stress and even traumatic experiences are often underlying issues that cause a person to overeat and choose unhealthy options when they do so.

It is extremely important to address these underlying issues and try to resolve them. If the cause of your weight gain is triggered by past physical or mental trauma, these issues must be addressed and acknowledged for a person to get healthy and stay healthy. It is possible to lose weight and gain it back, relapses are a very real issue that we work to prevent. We aim to prevent these relapses by addressing these root problems and try to help our clients understand that these past experiences do not define them. Once these issues are addressed and understood, we can determine what causes over and unhealthy eating, we will offer alternative coping mechanisms. It’s important to remember that once we understand the underlying issues that cause over and unhealthy eating, only then is it possible to resolve the issue permanently.

We aim to prevent these relapses by addressing these root problems and try to help our clients understand that these past experiences do not define them. Once these issues are addressed and understood, we can determine what causes over and unhealthy eating, we will offer alternative coping mechanisms. It’s important to remember that once we understand the underlying issues that cause over and unhealthy eating, only then is it possible to resolve the issue permanently.

About Wellington Weight Loss Center

Medical Weight Loss Center in Wellington has been helping individuals get the body and healthy lifestyle they desire for years. Our team of compassionate professionals is dedicated to seeing our clients happy and healthy. Through education and understanding, we address the problems that lead to a person’s weight gain and unhealthy habits. While weight loss and keeping the weight off while promoting a healthy lifestyle is our goal, safety is our priority.

Many weight loss programs can get you the results you desire temporarily. These weight loss programs are often conducted in an unsafe manner which can lead to medical issues and only temporary results. We offer a personal interest that our competitors do not. Through the use utilization of national counseling, knowledge, and even appetite suppressants we can offer the support for the results you desire.

Medical Weight Loss Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

Everyone’s Different! Why Medical Weight Loss Might Work for You

Obesity can result in extensive health issues and problems. From diabetes to mental sluggishness, this epidemic continues to cause a range of issues for millions of people. If you are tired of commercial diets and exercise plans that do not deliver, VIP Weight Loss Clinic has the solution you need. As your Wellington medical weight loss specialists, we have and continue to help countless individuals looking to drop those unwanted pounds. With professional physicians, nutritionists, and weight-loss experts, we are able to customize a specific plan based on your goals. This includes optimal nutritional guidance, along with exercise and activities that are monitored in a safe and controlled manner.

With over 50% of the population dealing with weight issues, do not become a statistic. Our medical weight loss clinic in Wellington Florida can truly help you get your life back. In fact, we specialize in effective weight control via leading techniques and professional supervision. This allows you to regain mobility, flexibility and balance – without losing vital energy levels and muscle. Whether wishing to lose creeping weight or are dealing with extensive obesity, we offer a wide array of personalized programs guaranteed to deliver results.

The Wellington Quick Weight Loss Program

Obesity is not just relegated to adults or seniors. In fact, childhood obesity is one of the leading causes of medical ailments and illnesses for kids. With no end in sight to the current epidemic, we offer cost-affordable and safe weight loss solutions for people of all ages. In fact, you simply need to contact our why medical weight loss might work for you for a complimentary consultation and assessment. This allows us to offer the following services:

  • Complete analysis, assessment and diagnosis of patients dealing with weight problems.
  • Personalized and customized weight loss plans that are designed to burn fat and calories.
  • Supervised and monitored medical weight loss – allows patients to see how much they are losing and gives them the incentive to lose more.
  • Weight loss shakes, supplements, nutritional guidance, and emotional/moral support for all new and existing patients.
  • Interactive weight-loss discussions and meetings, forums, and well-balanced diets for one all. Proper protein to carbohydrate management – personalized exercise plans –and proven fitness regimens designed to convert fat into lean, healthy and attractive muscle.
  • Complimentary consultations and discounts for families looking to effectively shed those unwanted pounds together.

At VIP Wellington medical weight loss clinic, our programs are designed to suit your busy lifestyle. This includes post-weight loss maintenance to ensure you do not regain those pounds. Our highly-dedicated team provides all necessary components needed to safely and effectively lose weight. We also go above and beyond to ensure you remain on the right track to better health and longevity. From continued diet programs and support groups to informative guidance, we are always here to help anyone that wants to lead a healthier and productive lifestyle.

Wellington Medical Weight Loss

Wellington Medical Weight for Everyone

Everyone is designed differently – especially when it comes to losing weight. While some will see rapid results, others may have to wait a while before they see significant changes. However, our signature VIP Medical Weight Loss Program can easily be customized to meet anyone’s needs. As part of your personalized weight loss program, you will receive B-12 vitamins and other essential minerals. This will be coupled with protein supplements, proprietary premium injections, and high-quality nutrients that will replenish vital energy levels. This is guaranteed to help you lose weight in a timely, safe and consistent manner. Our experts also monitor your weight loss from start to finish, as well as provide customized fitness plans and highly nutritious snacks that help quell hunger cravings.

If you are tired of feeling out of energy due to weight gain, now is the right time to get your life back on track. Simply visit our Wellington weight loss clinic to access a wealth of helpful resources and diet plans. With professional weight loss experts, nutritionists, and dieticians – each patient receives comprehensive and cohesive care across the board. If you are ready to get your life back, simply contact us today and start losing weight today!

Wellington Office561-429-3812

Boca Raton Office561-206-6786



Get expert advice for dieting from a Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Wellington Medical Weight Loss for Morbid Obesity

Obesity continues to soar at alarming rates across the nation. In fact, over 50% of the population continues to struggle with weight loss and related health issues. If you are tired of fad diets and exercise that only produce minimal results, VIP Weight Loss Clinic offers timely and effective solutions. As your Wellington medical weight loss experts, we have helped countless individuals shed those unwanted pounds.

In fact, our medical weight loss clinic features customized programs that truly meet all your goals and aspirations. With industry-leading physicians, dieticians, and staff – we offer optimal support for patients that are struggling to lose weight. From ten to over a hundred pounds, we can help you regain mobility, flexibility and the great health you deserve!

The Wellington Quick Weight Loss Difference

Obesity affects people of all genders, ages, and walks of life. In fact, it is a growing issue that continues to impact countless families and lives. While most people view obesity as a personal problem, it is actually a medical issue that has to be treated at its core. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete diagnosis and analysis of patients dealing with weight problems.
  • Customized weight loss plans that are designed to help burn more calories and fat.
  • Supervised and monitored weight loss – which allows patients to see how much weight they have and are able to drop.
  • Weight loss shakes, well-balanced diets, proper protein/carbohydrate distribution, and personalized fitness programs that help achieve desired results.

At Wellington medical weight loss clinic, we formulate strategic plans that suit your lifestyle. Whether looking to shed a few pounds or convert fat into lean muscle, we have the tools and expertise to secure timely and lasting results. As always, the clinic offers post-weight loss maintenance and services. This includes continued diet programs, support groups, informative guidance, and all tools necessary for keeping weight off – even after you have achieved your goals.

Wellington Medical Weight Loss Clinic Program

alpha lipoic acidThe signature VIP Medical Weight Loss Program features a pro-active approach to dropping pounds. This includes proprietary premium injections, which feature B-12 and other essential vitamins and minerals. This is accentuated by protein supplements and the highest quality nutrients on the market. With supplements and injections, you are guaranteed to lose weight and feel great gain. We also offer nutritional guidance, customized fitness plans, and diet-friendly snacks that are highly nutritious and delicious!

From Wellington to Boca Raton, one phone call is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation. With seasoned doctors, weight-loss specialists, and a fully dedicated staff – all clients are assured:

  • Exclusive medical weight loss products available at our convenient clinics in Wellington and Boca Raton.
  • Scientifically formulated dietary products and nutritional supplements for maximum weight loss and lasting results.
  • Exceptional product purity – strict guidelines on quality control – and items specifically designed to help you lose weight in a safe, healthy and timely manner.
  • No fad diets, hunger, or undesirable side effects for customers. VIP is committed to excellence in all medical weight loss plans, support, and guidance for patients wishing to lead healthier and active lifestyles.

Why Wellington Medical Weight Loss?

The Wellington Medical Weight Loss Program has produced a number of success stories. In fact, our clinic continues to be heralded for providing comprehensive plans that not only help you lose weight – but keep it off. Our website also features a number of helpful resources; nutritional guidance, post-diet maintenance, Botox, fillers, and informative articles and blogs. As part of the initial consultation, patients will discuss their weight loss goals with physicians and dieticians. This enables them to formulate doctor-monitored and step-by-step programs that are custom made for each individual.

The primary focus of VIP Medical Weight Loss is always the safety and health of our clients. This includes precise monitoring of diet plans – which utilizes a safe and healthy approach to losing weight. From nutritional counseling and B-12 shots to appetite suppressants, we use a myriad of techniques that aid and expedite the weight loss process. However, patients must meet weekly with our on-site physicians and medical teams. This is vital in securing optimal guidance during and after your weight loss journey. We also help patients increase energy levels, while boosting metabolism rates and preventing muscle loss.

Wellington Weight Loss Results

On average, VIP Medical Weight Loss patients lose around 5-7 pounds the first week. They then lose around 2-4 pounds each week thereafter – for the first month. Results may vary and we recommend speaking to primary care physicians before embarking on this or any weight loss program. Only patients deemed medically appropriate – and without extensive medical conditions – will be considered for this amazing and popular weight loss program.

If you are tired of dealing with weight issues that cause sluggishness, loss of energy, mental confusion and physical restrictions – now is the right time to contact us and get the professional weight loss help and results you deserve!



How can we help here at VIP Medical Weight Loss?

Can Processed Food Harm your Medical Weight Loss Progress

When you’re trying to get in shape and lose weight, your diet will be critically important. Not only do you need to be mindful of the total calories that you consume, but you will also need to ensure that the food you’re eating is nutritious, and free from high levels of sodium, sugar, and fat.

Medical weight loss clinics in Wellington, FL, will tell you that processed foods are amongst the worst that you can eat. Why is this, and could consuming too much processed food stop your medical weight loss plan from working?

Let’s find out…

Most Experts Agree that Engineered Food Leads to Weight Gain

When losing weight is your goal, the worst thing that you can do is consume engineered food. Although this term is rarely used, it’s probably the best way to describe any kind of processed food. Engineered foods are designed to be highly palatable and inexpensive. Additives like sodium, sugar, or monosodium glutamate are used in these processed foods to make them taste good, and the results can be frighteningly good.

Think about your favorite fast food restaurant, or even your favorite snack bar, and you will probably be thinking of an engineered and heavily processed food. High in calories with little nutritious content (such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein), processed foods should be eliminated from your diet when you’re following a structured Wellington medical weight loss plan.

While most people ‘just know’ that processed food is not healthful, there have actually been some controlled studies performed, scientifically providing that processed and engineered food can be bad for weight loss, and will even promote weight gain.

A study carried out a Pomona College, California (ranked the 7th best college in the U.S.), compared whole and processed foods on a calorie for calorie basis. One study group ate highly processed food options, such as bread made from white flour, processed cheese products, and processed meats, while a second group consumed whole grains, natural dairy, and unprocessed meat. The aim of the study was to see which group would burn more calories during digestion, and it was found (unsurprisingly) that the group eating unprocessed food was burning the most. This is due to the fact that whole foods require the metabolism to work harder to break down and absorb valuable nutrients. Processed food takes less time to absorb, and therefore doesn’t require the same energy.

Although the study only looks at one small part of why processed foods aren’t a good choice, it’s still a great reason to avoid them when you’re on your Wellington medical weight loss plan.

Other Reasons to Avoid Processed Food

Medical Weight Loss ProgressProcessed isn’t just bad because it can promote weight gain and interfere with weight loss. Another reason you should avoid processed and junk food is because the high levels of sugar, sodium, fat, and empty calories, can all contribute to serious disease.

Heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome are just some of the conditions that have been linked to regular consumption of processed food. A single serving of processed meat can contain all of your sodium intake for the day, so if you’re eating processed food or high sodium snacks at different times of the day, then you’re going to regularly exceed recommend guidelines.

If you keep consuming too much salt, you’ll put your kidneys under stress, leading to kidney disease, and increased blood pressure could lead to a heart attack or stroke. When you’re thinking about grabbing a takeout burger, or even a seemingly ‘healthy’ sandwich that’s made with processed meat and cheese, you should probably think again, and instead stick to the food plan recommended by your Wellington medical weight loss clinic.

Get Expert Weight Loss Plans Wellington

If it’s time to make changes to your lifestyle and your diet, with a healthier body in 2017, then it’s time to talk to the team at VIP Medical Weight Loss. Not only can we advise you about the best nutrition for speedy and safe weight loss, but we can also help to address chemical and hormone imbalances that could be contributing to your weight problems.

Call us today to book an appointment, and we can begin the consultation process that will have you making real life changes that will go on to provide you with health benefits in the years to come.



Medical Weight Loss Secrets You Probably Didn't Know

A Return to Normal – Medical Weight Loss in Wellington

We’re not going to mince words here, when it comes to weight in America and even the rest of the world, there is a certain expectations. If you look at our supermodels and even our television personalities, you would be hard pressed to find a single overweight person. There are some who would argue that being overweight is a direct result of the Standard American Diet which is heavily perpetuated by the cost of food and the drive to push people toward starchy foods. On the subject of starchy foods, have you ever wondered why your mother told you to never eat two starches in one sitting? We’re talking about an instance where you decide to eat both macaroni and mashed potatoes on the same plate, and let’s face it, we’ve all done that.

The reason is actually simpler than you think: starch converts to sugar in the blood, and it drives your blood sugar through the roof, expending your energy. Do you know what happens then? That’s right,, you get hungry again, and you’re probably going to find yourself going for desert. Now, you realize that potatoes are made from starch, and every fast food restaurant offers fries as a side for their food. Why fries? Couldn’t they have had a box of fried onions? Couldn’t it have been vegetables? No, we have universally accepted that fast food comes with fries, and we don’t seem to know any different.

Well, as you now know, when you eat the fries you’re just going to feel hungry again, and then you’ll be more than happy to eat more later. Also keep in mind that fast food is incredibly addictive, so you can’t just break away from and go toward something healthier. At this point, you probably need help. You need medical weight loss.

Pushing Toward Normality

So what is a return to normal exactly? What would it involve? When we talk about weight loss we’re not even talking about your need to conform to the social norms; that should be a secondary goal. What we are talking about however is being healthy; we’re talking about being able to walk down the street without finding yourself in pain, and being able to attend family functions without shame. It’s mental, it’s physical, and it’s something that you can make happen if you try hard enough.

Medical weight loss

Medical Weight Loss and You

When you want to lose weight, you’re going to need something much more than a fad diet. Those work to a point, but when it comes right down to it, you need something a bit more personalized. Medical weight loss is tailored to your particular body, and you will be provided a plan which will conform to your metabolism. In addition to that, you will be provided supplements that will help facilitate your weight loss in ways you never even considered.

Medical weight loss isn’t just about diet, exercise, and supplements (though those do play somewhat of a role in it), it’s about science, and it’s about finding what works for you. Medical weight loss clinics in Wellington like ours are geared toward you, and you alone. It’s time for you to get a handle on your weight loss.

Be Yourself

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to be yourself. When you are the best version of yourself, you’re going to find that you are a lot happier, and you’re going to find that you’re in a much better place mentally. Weight loss is difficult, even medical weight loss, but if you let us help you, you’ll get to your goal a lot faster, and by holding yourself accountable to certain standards, you will find that it is much more difficult to backslide.

Also consider that we will help you to keep track of your progress and ensure that you continue on the right path – this is a win-win situation for you. You will become healthier, and you will be happier in the end. This is a long road, and a difficult one, but a return to normal is absolutely worth it.



Weight Loss Shakes – They Don’t have to taste Awful

It all started one day when you looked in the mirror and came to the realization that you needed to lose weight. There is no shame in trying to stay healthy, but there is a rather long stretch between here and the finish line. That particular stretch is going to get hairy, to say the least as you do a lot of things you can be proud of, but aren’t exactly pleasing to your taste buds. We’re talking about dieting, of course.

Sure, you feel great when you’ve actually stuck to your diet, but when it comes right down to it, you’re probably going to eat some things your palette doesn’t necessarily agree with. Weight loss shakes tend to be one of these things, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for subpar shakes. In fact, we’re here today to present you with a few tips that will not only make your shakes more bearable, but actually tasty! Medical weight loss doesn’t have to be a tragedy; take a look at what we’ve got.

How to Make your Weight Loss Shakes Taste Less Awful

If you’re used to sugar or other sweets then a diet shake is probably not going to do it for you. Don’t worry, there are definitely ways to being up the flavor, and you should work these into your weight loss plans in Wellington. There are three things you want to make sure that your diet shakes have which include:

  • Great Flavor
  • Great Texture
  • High Nutritional Value

Typically, you would be told to pick two of these and forget the other, but you know what? You don’t have to settle. We’re living in the 21st century; we can make anything taste good if we put our minds to it.

Tip #1: Make it Colder

Taking it right from the juicer and into the cup might be tempting but it’s not going to give you the taste you want. We’re going to be honest: diet shakes always taste better when they’re cold, and there are a few ways you can get this done. The most obvious way to cool it off would be to put it in the refrigerator, but if you are short on time, drop a few ice cubes in and call it a day.

Tip #2: Add some Flavor

Weight Loss ShakesWe mentioned that it’s going to taste pretty awful, especially if you’re used to consuming copious amounts of sugar, but you don’t have to settle. If you want to make it taste better but remain absolutely, positively guilt free, the best thing you can do is add flavor drops which are made by a variety of different companies. Check to make sure these are fat free and that they are generally healthy for you.

Tip #3: Change Up the Milk

On any Wellington medical weight loss plan we’d tell you that using water in your diet shake is a bad idea. Yeah it might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s not going to do much for flavor. You already know that though, and that’s exactly why you’re here. If you want to change things up, try replacing the water with fat-free milk, soy milk, or even fresh fruit juice if you’re feeling adventurous.

Tip #4: Cream it Up

If you want to change the texture a bit and perhaps make it a little less ‘watery’, then it would be a good idea for you to add bit of fat-free pudding into the mix. If you really want to take it to the next level, then don’t hesitate to try adding a teaspoon of peanut butter. As always, make sure you compensate with enough liquid to ensure that your shake doesn’t feel sticky as its going down the hatch.

These are four great tips that will ultimately help you to create a better shake, to put it lightly. It’s important for you to lose weight, but it will help you immensely if you can do so without being absolutely miserable. That being said, it’s time to start looking into different recipes, and most importantly, use these four tips from our Wellington medical weight loss clinic.

[Image 1][Image 2]


Florida Weight Loss Tips

Dropping Weight and Feeling Better with Wellington Medical Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight but you don’t know where to start; don’t worry, it’s a common problem. If you ask someone close to you how to lose weight, they’ll probably regurgitate advice that they read on the internet or heard from a friend. You will often get the same result from most other people, and while it might lead to some answers there is a chance that you will find yourself at a bit of a loss. Truth be told everyone is different and what works really well for someone else might have abysmal results in your case. There are a few things that you should do to prepare for medical weight loss, the most important being to suppress your appetite.

Appetite Suppression – A Huge Part of Medical Weight Loss

Temptation is definitely one of the biggest factors when it comes to weight loss. You need to resist it, you need to control it, and most importantly, you need to make sure it doesn’t rule your life. There are a great many people who spend a lot of their time trying to distract themselves with other activities. Some people read, some people exercise, some even drink a lot of water. We’re not going to say that drinking a lot of water is bad, because it’s certainly not, but there are certain foods that you can eat to stave off your appetite including:

  • Almonds
  • Coffee
  • Ginger
  • Fiber

Weight Loss ProgramWe like to say that all things are to be taken in moderation, and the next time you feel like reaching for a snack, we strongly recommend sticking with one of the items we mentioned above. For example, when you are using a medical weight loss plan to achieve your goal weight, you might want to keep a couple of granola bars on hand to make sure you can keep your appetite under control. On the subject of fiber however, there is one major downside: gas. Because fiber does not break down quite as quickly as other foods it can cause gastrointestinal issues if you eat too much of it in a short period of time. Once again, all things in moderation, even the best things. It’s crucial to your health!

Medical Weight Loss – The Ultimate Answer

If you’re looking for Wellington’s quick weight loss solution, then look no further – you’ve found it. We have quite a few things going for us, namely the highly trained doctors and the skilled nutritionists we have on hand. When you’re in the market for a weight loss solution you need a company that treats you like a person rather than a number. You need a physician that is willing to examine you, ask you questions, and figure out what kind of weight loss program is going to work best for you – it’s not always easy to figure out, but we believe we have the answers you need.

When it comes right down to it, weight loss is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. The better you perceive yourself the more confident you are ultimately going to feel, and your self-confidence is going to go through the roof. You’ve probably tried quite a few methods of losing weight and if you’re here reading this there is a good chance you’re at your wit’s end. Perhaps, just perhaps you’ve decided that weight loss simply isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve accepted that you’re always going to be at your current weight, unable to drop it by any means.

Well, we’re here to tell you that our state of the art medical weight loss clinics in Wellington Florida have the ability to ensure that you find yourself on a plan that works specifically for you, eliminating the guesswork entirely and making it so that you can finally get to the business of enjoying the rest of your life. Take a look at what we have to offer and give us a call today – you owe it to yourself to feel better both inside and out.

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What Foods Should You Avoid on Your Diet Plan?

Four Things You’re Doing Wrong and Why you need Wellington Medical Weight Loss

One of the biggest problems that people have when they’re trying to lose weight is that of seemingly not making any progress. If you have found yourself to be among those with that problem, then you’re probably a bit frustrated, and understandably so. If you feel that you aren’t losing the weight or making any progress then there is a good chance that you will fall back on your old ways and begin to make the same mistakes. There is an unspoken rule that you need Wellington medical weight loss to make true progress, but there are some things that you can do right now to ensure that you are making headway. Let’s discuss four major mistakes you’re making when it comes to your weight loss routine.

Mistake #1: Fad Diet and Why Wellington Medical Weight Loss Professionals Say No

Everyone’s doing the Paleo diet so you should too, right? The answer is absolutely not, especially if it doesn’t actually seem to be helping. We’re going to concede that some people can definitely make progress on fad diets but to be perfectly honest it really depends upon the person. If you lose weight, wonderful, but if not, then it might be a good idea for you to start looking into other alternatives. Something else to keep in mind is that some fad diets can be inherently dangerous for the individual such as the Atkins diet which promotes getting rid of carbohydrates – a foolhardy move in some cases. Keep this in mind and make sure you’re sticking with diets that work well for you.

Mistake #2: Failing to Understand the Difference Between Good and Bad Fat

The first thing that many people do when they are going on a diet is cut out the fat and that’s not always necessarily the thing you want to do. Fat does contain more calories than pure carbs, but a low fat diet, according to experts, is a pretty bad way to lose weight. Keep in mind that if you start replacing fat with sugars, you will end up with a blood sugar spike which raises your appetite and sends you right back to the pantry looking for more food – not a good situation to be in!

Experts have found that no matter what your weight loss goals happen to be, you’re going to need some fat to stay functioning. Fat makes food taste better, but it can also promote healthy skin, healthy hair, and even keep your digestive system moving. It’s the lubricant of life and it’s definitely something that you need – don’t neglect it.

Wellington Medical Weight Loss

Mistake #3: Failing to Keep Track

As you work to lose weight there is a definite chance that you will be making progress, but how can you be sure? You look in the mirror and you see yourself – the same old you. Others might be seeing progress but if you can’t see any yourself then you’ll probably start to backslide and lose all of the progress that you’ve made, which isn’t a place you want to find yourself in. Keep a journal, record the progress you’ve made, and most importantly, keep moving forward.

Mistake #4: Filling up on Vegetables

Okay this is probably the most common mistake other than outright cheating on your diet. Vegetables are calorie free, yes, but they aren’t incredibly healthy if you eat them in large amounts. They have natural sugar, and when it comes right down to it, everything in moderation.

Set it Right with a Medical Weight Loss Program

Wellington medical weight loss program differs from any other type of weight loss program in that it allows you to lose that weight under the supervision of a physician – someone with a considerable amount of experience. That will help you out considerably and give you the chance to lose weight on your own terms. If you’re ready to make a chance in your life, then now would be a great time to fill out the form on our website and get yourself in to a consultation. It’s time to lose – the weight that is.