Use a Weight Loss Program to Get in Shape for Summer Sports

Use a Weight Loss Program to Get in Shape for Summer Sports


Ah, summer. The weekend rolls around to a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze. Flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping, and your dog is determined to bury every toy you give him. It’s a time for enjoying the outdoors, be it camping and toasting s’mores, at the beach playing volleyball, playing soccer at the park, and a myriad of other activities and sports. You may find yourself hesitating to put on your swimsuit or shorts, though, if you’re self-conscious about your weight. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we can help you develop a safe weight loss program that will let you fully enjoy your summer.

Why Use a Medical Weight Loss Program?

We know how we’re supposed to lose weight, and hear it all the time: Diet and exercise. What diet and what exercise in particular is different per person, though, and this can make losing weight even more difficult.

The word “diet” is also tricky. Your first thought may be special meals or nutritional shakes that you consume for a determined about a time–and that can certainly be a part of it. But the most important thing is your long-term diet; the best way to lose, and keep off, weight is to change what you eat for the long haul. This doesn’t mean no more chocolate or salty snacks, but it does mean more fruit and vegetables, and adjusting how much you eat as necessary. What you eat influences how much energy you have, which influences how much you can exercise, and how you feel overall.

This is why having the assistance of an experienced medical team can help you create the most safe and effective weight loss program for you. We’ll create a diet that will work for your body, and help you understand how what you eat and how what supplements you take influence your weight loss. Many store-bought supplements do not truly help you lose weight, and may even negatively impact your health. At VIP Medical Weight Loss, we accept only the highest quality supplements, and our staff counsel with each patient individually to ensure they are designed a plan that works best for their unique body.

Many diets and regiments also advertise quick or near-instant results, such as being able to lose 50 pounds in two weeks to a month. Though this can sound tempting, losing weight properly–meaning safely and effectively–takes time and effort.

Why VIP Medical Weight Loss?

VIP Medical Weight LossAt VIP Medical Weight Loss, our first and primary concern is your health. That means not only helping you lose weight, but ensuring you do so safely. Sharply cutting back on the food you eat, drastically changing your diet, or exercising intensely without taking hydrated or resting enough are all ways you could accidently harm yourself while trying to lose weight.

In order to help you lose the weight you want, we combine nutrition counseling and education, pharmaceutical appetite suppressants, and injections. Our on-site physician and experienced medical team will meet with you weekly to ensure your journey is both effective and healthy. Our supplements are exclusively formulated for our clinic, and meet or exceed strict guidelines for quality and purity control. With our expertise, we’ve helped a number of patients lose 10, 20, and 35 pounds in just a few months time.

Though “a few months” sounds like ages in comparison to the time frames offered by programs on TV, this difference is critical for ensuring your overall health. Losing weight too quickly can cause, or be a sign of, a serious medical issue. Your body needs time to adjust to weight loss and to lifestyle changes.

Our weight loss program will teach you not only how to lose weight, but how to keep it off. It is important to realize that if you go back to unhealthy eating and not exercising once your hit your target weight, you will begin to put pounds back on. We create a program that encourages a healthy life, for life, and that means setting realistic goals (both during and after your time at our clinic), becoming aware of your health and needs, and the satisfaction of setting and reaching goals. Reaching your weight loss goal feels great; keeping those pounds off and knowing you’re healthier, both mentally and physically, feels even better.

So don’t let your weight keep you from enjoying your summer. Let our medical professionals at VIP Medical Weight Loss help you achieve your health and fitness goals, and give you the confidence you need to maintain them for the long term. Your health is important–so make sure you reach out to a clinic who feels the same way.

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