Weight Loss Surgery -

Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatirc surgery, whether it be a lap band or an entire stomach bypass is an option considered by many. Many people perceive it as being an easy “quick fix” for weight loss. Unfortunately the statistics don’t agree. It is estimated that only 5% of people after receiving bariatric surgery keep their weight off after 5 years. That’s one in 20 people! these facts, when added to the high risks of surgery, which can range from infection to death, don’t make it a very appealing solution.

The fact is, without a comprehensive weight loss program which focuses on nutritional education, there is not a great prognosis for weight loss. There are no “short cuts”. People have to learn how to eat correctly to maintain their weight loss. At VIP Medical Weight Loss Clinics, our trained staff not only helps with an effective medical weight loss program; they train people how to eat long term to keep their weight off. They also teach patients how to eat in a healthful way. This could potentially add years to someone’s life and improve the quality of life.