The Wellington Weight Loss Program Approach

The Wellington Weight Loss Program Approach


The first thing that one must understand about weight loss is that it is not a fast process, but neither is the process of gaining it. Obesity is a condition that occurs over a period of time, and unlike many conditions, the causes can actually be traced pretty definitively. There are a few well known causes which we will discuss right now.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle – This is kind of a ‘aha’ moment, because the sedentary lifestyle typically happens as a result of obesity. As your body becomes heavier, it becomes more and more difficult for you to complete basic tasks. Pretty soon you will stop going out you will cease doing things with your friend, and you will lack the energy to do anything interesting. This is not only a condition that affects your plans, it also affects your psychological well being. For example, you will find that not wanting to do anything due to weight gain turns into a lack of motivation, and over time it will simply get to your head. There is a way to fix it, but it requires a lot of trust, and perhaps even a willingness to try new things.
  • Eating Habits – This one should obviously be a given; eating habits are often to blame for obesity, and it has much to do with the way our society is laid out. One of our biggest problems, as you probably know, sit hat we have an insane amount of available fast food, and food in general. There was a time when cooking required far more effort than it does now, and in those days, meals were only eaten when they were prepared. Now, thanks to modern technology and processed foods, we can eat anything we want, whenever we want it. This level of convenience has certainly contributed to the obesity epidemic in America, though we cannot blame all of it on the availability; we have to take some personal responsibility for what we have done to ourselves, and that is the first step on the road to recovery.
  • Stress – For some time we have known that stress is indeed a precursor to weight gain. The stress hormone, when activated, will raise the appetite and drive unhealthy cravings, which plays into the ‘eating habits’ point mentioned above. Junk food makes it much easier to accumulate belly fat, so keep that in mind when you are reaching for your next snack. It might be a lot less enjoyable than you think, now that you know what it can do to you.

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A Brief Overview of Stress Eating

We mentioned in the last point that stress does contribute to weight gain, but there is a very specific reason that it does so. You see, when you become stressed, your automatic reaction is to eat, simply because it calms the nerves. This is combined with another craving, which is for pleasure. That being the case, we normally bypass the cheese and carrots, reaching instead for the salty and sweet foods as they cause the brain to release the hormones that cause pleasure. That being the case, each time we are stressed, we reach for the fatty foods, and it becomes a habit whether you realize it or not. You slowly build up fat, and if you are stressed out constantly, then you have probably caught yourself doing this at least once or twice.

Correcting the Stress Eating Problem

Any good physician weight loss Wellington will be more than happy to tell you just how important it is to address your weight gain head on, and it is easier to fix the stress eating portion of it than you might think. In a weight loss doctor supervised Wellington program you will be told to replace the unhealthy food with something else, such as carrots, cucumbers, or even fruit. This will be a difficult transition at first, but with the motivation of a doctor supervised Wellington weight loss program you might just find that it is not nearly as hard as you would have imagined it. There is something special about accountability, and as one of the top weight loss clinics in Florida, we can most definitely help you with that.

It is critical for you to address your weight issues as quickly as possible. Our VIP medical weight loss Wellington can help you out considerably, but that help can only occur if you are willing to help yourself What do we mean by this exactly? Well, we can give you the advice, we can provide you with treatment, but the truth is simply that we are only half of the equation. You form the other half of that equation, and you must be able to hold up your end of the bargain.

Your half of the bargain is held up through diet, exercise, and a commitment to become the person that you want to be rather than the person you are right now. Maybe your weight loss will change your personality, maybe it won’t. Either way, you will find that you can look in the mirror and he happy about what you see, and overall, you will begin to feel better. After all, the weight loss will help to reduce your depression, reduce joint pain, and most importantly, give you your life back.

Now would be a great time to visit our website and have a look at our Wellington weight loss program. Our program provides not only great nutritional advice, but also various cocktails that are proprietary to our program. Our experience doctors will help you through every single step of the process and make sure you’re ready  to take the next treatment Your weight loss is now a joint venture – just hold up your end.

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