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Struggling With Food While Self-Isolating?

Your Wait At Home Doesn’t Have To Become Weight At Home!

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Let’s Do It Right This Time™ With Medical Weight Loss!

Our medically comprehensive and effective weight loss program is designed to help you maintain weight while educating you on how to keep it off. You will be guided through a physician-monitored, step-by-step program, which has been custom-tailored for you and will allow you to maintain weight safely and successfully.

The primary focus of VIP Medical Weight Loss Clinics® Program is the safety of our patients. Our program will assist you in losing the maximum amount of weight by utilizing a safe and healthy approach. Our program utilizes nutritional counseling and education as well as the use of pharmaceutical appetite suppressants as well as injections that aid with the weight loss process. You will meet weekly with our on-site physician and experienced medical team to guide you throughout your weight loss journey!

On average, VIP Medical Weight Loss Clinics® patients lose 5-7 pounds the first week and 2-4 pounds each week thereafter for the first month. Results may vary. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate.

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Helpful Tips

Is An Appetite Suppressant Worthwhile?

Patients who participate in our weight loss program may qualify for prescription appetitie suppressants. Appetite suppressants can be a helpful tool in achieving weight loss goals.


How Do I Eat Out When On A Diet?

Dining in restaurants can pose a serious threat to even the most strict dieter. It is imperative that you know how to stick to your diet when eating out with friends and family.


How Do I Develop Healthy Eating Habits?

Healthy eating habits help you lose weight faster. It is important that you incorporate the right foods into your daily diet, so that you can reduce your caloric intake.


Do I Need To Exercise?

Regular exercise is a key factor in maintaining weight loss. Working out boosts your metabolism. You can use weights, machines or enroll in classes.