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Discover VIP Medical Weight Loss In Wellington

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Having a weight loss center in Wellington, FL and providing the best medical weight loss programs are our passion!  Our Doctors pride their clinic is offering medical weight loss shakes, procedures at the most affordable prices. Obesity is a medical issue that can affect almost anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your height or your gender. Obesity, or just being overweight, can be caused by a number of different things. Sometimes, it is just difficult to eat a balanced diet. No matter what your situation is, our Wellington weight loss program is here to help. At VIP, we help provide you with the support you need to lose weight, whether you need to lose ten pounds or a hundred.

There are many benefits to getting a doctor involved with your weight loss treatment. Specially trained physicians are able to help you develop a customized weight loss plan that not only suits your lifestyle, but helps you develop the skills you need to keep the extra pounds off.

Even if you are simply trying to get rid of a few stubborn pounds, our trained staff is here to help. With the help of our doctor supervised Wellington, FL weight loss program, people of all sizes receive treatment for their condition. Learn more about doctor supervised weight loss and see how our facility in Wellington can help you.

Physician Weight Loss in Wellington Residents Rely On

Getting assistance for your weight loss may not be an easy task. If you don’t have the right tools in place, you cannot achieve your goals. For some, this comes in the form of pre-packaged meals and diet pills. For others, all they need is help from a personal trainer to understand what their body needs to stay fit. With the physician weight loss in Wellington program, residents receive a variety of services to help them on their journey.

Keep in mind that this weight loss program offers a lot more than a support group or diet plan. While our doctors encourage healthy eating and finding support with those in similar situations, they understand that most people with obesity need something more. That’s why they offer comprehensive programs that are focused more on the individual’s treatment needs. Your doctor will work with you on a personal level to ensure that you achieve your goals and get the weight loss results your looking for.

Why do People Gain Weight?

There are many reasons why people gain weight and when you understand how weight gain works, you will be better equipped to lose it and keep it off. To understand weight gain, you should understand that it is an adaptive evolutionary response. When our ancestors ate food, their bodies stored the extra calories consumed as fat. So, when there was not any food available to them, they had the stored fat in their bodies which allowed them to survive long enough to find more food. Nowadays, this is an evolutionary response that most people do not like because it causes weight gain and even obesity. Learn more about this evolutionary response by clicking here.

In addition to consuming too many calories, there are a couple of other reasons why people may gain weight.

  • The first would be thyroid issues as it affects your metabolism. In some instances, your thyroid may slow down creating hypothyroidism which can cause weight gain.
  • The second thing would be portion control on all foods you consume. It is important to pay attention to serving size so you do not overeat any type of food, this includes healthy foods.
  • The third thing would be not getting enough sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, it raises the amount of the hunger hormone and decreases the hormone that says you are full. This can provide you with a false sense of hunger which will cause you to want to eat.
  • The fourth thing would be as simple as not getting enough protein. If you eat foods which do not have protein, they are digested faster which will result in you being hungry faster. Foods rich in protein are digested slower which makes you feel full longer.
  • Finally, the older you get will make it more difficult to lose weight. The reason being is that you lose muscle mass which will, in turn, slow down your metabolism.

So, if you are stuck in a cycle and cannot seem to lose weight, you should contact us at VIP Medical Weight Loss in Wellington today and we will work closely with you to provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

VIP Medical Weight Loss in Wellington Center

The VIP Medical Weight Loss in Wellington is a center for those suffering from obesity. We help men and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages get to their ideal body weight through healthy treatments. We focus on specialized diets, exercise plans and assisting with mental health issues. Our goal is to help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle needs.

With weight loss, results vary from person to person, so having your weight loss doctor supervised in Wellington is a prime benefit. Our doctors see through trial and error, which weight loss methods produce the best results for you.

While everyone is a little different, you can still get a great idea of the results our physicians produce by browsing our testimonial section. We regularly receive positive feedback about our services. During your initial consultation, you may request to see some of our before and after photos. Having a realistic expectation of treatment and seeing the results, gives you an idea of what hard work and persistence achieve.

VIP offers a variety of customized services to Florida residents who are trying to lose weight. Your treatment will vary greatly depending on how much weight you need to lose. Our goal is to help you lose weight safely and at a steady pace. We also want you to be able to maintain your weight once it is at an ideal level.

Our programs offer a variety of healthy eating plans, exercise assistance, medication, and support. Our experienced doctors will help you find the exact balance you need to be successful.

Free Consultation for Wellington Weight Loss

If you are considering medically supervised weight loss, then you should schedule a free consultation. Doctor-assisted programs are not for everyone, and you should feel comfortable with the weight loss method you choose. By attending a free consultation, you can learn more about what our doctors have to offer you at VIP.

During your consultation, you will meet one of the doctors you will be working closely with on your journey. They will explain how long your treatment will take and explain all of the options you have available. In some cases, you may be surprised by the medical options that are available locally.

Get the assistance you need at our Wellington weight loss center. VIP offers a variety of services that can help you develop a custom program that fits your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to call and ask us any questions before scheduling your initial consultation. Contact us today to learn more about our custom programs and doctors.