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Six Myths About Weight Loss

Six Myths About Weight Loss

Six Myths About Weight Loss

You have goals for weight loss, but maybe something is holding you back. There are a lot of weight loss myths going around that may have dissuaded you from even trying, but the good news is that a lot of them simply aren’t true. Today we are going to take a quick look at some of the most common myths out there and debunk them so that you can proceed on your weight loss journey.

You Can Only Lose Weight if You Cut Out Carbs

Six Myths About Weight Loss

There are a lot of fad diets that denounce the consumption of carbohydrates, and thanks to the frequency of their success stories, the general population now believes that cutting carbs is the best way to drop the weight. The truth is that there are healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs. Some carbrich foods include vegetables, whole grains, and yes, fruits. You can see how cutting these healthy foods out of your diet could have catastrophic results. If you are looking to cut carbs, make sure that you are only cutting those that are unhealthy, like carbs found in sugar, refined flour, and white rice. This dissolves one of the myths that has likely been holding you back.

Your Food Intake Doesn’t Matter

You’ve probably heard that it doesn’t really matter what you eat so long as you are counting calories and never going over the specified amount. Well, as it turns out, it DOES matter what you eat, and you are going to want to watch that food intake carefully. The biggest problem with counting calories is that eventually, the quality of your diet may suffer if you continue eating the things you like, but just less of them. The best course of action is to eat an appropriate number of calories for the fuel that your body is burning but also to make sure you’re sticking with a diet that won’t cause your insulin levels to plummet.

Skipping Meals is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Logically, if you don’t eat, you can’t gain weight, right?!? However, this logic doesn’t apply here because that simply is not how your body works. If you start to skip meals, you will not only be hungry, but your body will go into starvation mode, where it begins packing on fat in an effort to help you survive. Your metabolism will slow, and you will start to gain weight, which is the opposite of what you were trying to do. Instead of skipping meals, try eating small healthy snacks two or three times per day. Any medical weight loss facility will tell you that the best thing you can do is ignore the craving for full meals – most of the time, you just want a snack, and a piece of fruit will probably meet that need just fine.

Cut the Fat to Lose Weight

Cut the Fat to Lose WeightAn ad campaign back in the eighties taught us that fat is bad, but as it turns out, this only served to promote fad diets. As with carbs, there are healthy and unhealthy fats. If you avoid fat altogether, you’re probably going to experience severe weight gain. Instead, look into the many healthy fats that you can add to your diet. By adding healthy fats from items such as avocados, fish, and chia seeds, you can speed up your metabolism and start shedding the pounds faster. It sounds odd, considering everything that we’ve been told over the years, but it’s true.

Gluten Free is the Way to Be

Unless you are suffering from Celiac disease or some other gluten intolerance, there is a good chance that you don’t need to go glutenfree. If you try switching to a glutenfree diet, you will find a mountain of food that brings you higher calories and carbs, resulting in yet more weight gain. Also keep in mind that glutenfree foods are always lower in fiber, meaning you won’t feel as full when you eat, which can lead to overeating.

Healthy Food Tastes Bad

We all have foods that we absolutely love, and sometimes we must make sacrifices. If you are eating processed foods regularly just because they taste good, then there is a chance that you may not know how to prepare healthier foods properly. There are seasoning methods and cooking techniques that can easily make those healthy foods taste just as good as the processed foods that you’ve fallen in love with over the years.

Bottom Line: You Can Lose the Weight

Bottom Line: You Can Lose the WeightThe bottom line here is that you CAN lose the weight without succumbing to these myths. If you want to give yourself an edge, then you might want to consider using alpha lipoic acid weight loss techniques which will lower your blood sugar and help to reduce your belly fat. The tools are out there, and once you drop the weight, you can go on to live a much healthier life. Always make sure that you are losing weight safely, and that you are consulting with your physician to make sure that you’re on the most effective path toward the body and life that you want.

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