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Constructive Criticism

To our valued Patients:

As we see our patients week in and week out, we get to know them very well and we hear a tremendous amount of positive feedback. This is feedback we so much appreciate and always love to hear. Although we are used to getting so much positive feedback, due to the many success stories of our program, we rarely get negative feedback. Of course we love to hear the good experiences of our patients, however we would also like to hear anything you think could make our business better.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Who would ask for negative reviews?” Well we would. Although it is so nice to hear the good things, they can only help us grow so much. At VIP Medical Weight Loss Clinics, LLC, customer service is of utmost importance. We are always looking to improve our services to our customers. If you have ever had a negative experience with us, or if you just have an idea of something you think we could improve on, we want to hear about it. Help us make our business even better!

You can leave an anonymous review, or you can leave your information and we can get back to you. Please take a few moments out of your day to help us improve our business. Without our valued customers, we have nothing. Let us show you our thanks by providing you with the best services possible!


Paul A. Martinez D.C.

Owner/CEO VIP Medical Weight loss Clinics, LLC