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The prospect of losing weight can be exciting, but you need to be careful as there
can be negative consequences to losing weight too quickly. In this article, we will discuss some of those consequences and how best to avoid them. On your Wellington medical weight loss journey, you may or may not encounter these concerns, but as always, it is best to err on the side of caution.

The Potential for Bone Loss

Professional recommend a medical weight loss program to avoid this tragic consequence. Bone loss is inevitable with weight loss, and this connection is well documented, but it isn’t nearly as visible as fat loss. The most important fact to remember is that excessive bone loss can easily result in broken bones and even hospitalization. If you want to minimize bone loss and thereby lower the risks associated with it, you should implement an exercise routine and make sure that you are taking sufficient calcium supplements. Additionally, you should take care to get plenty of vitamin D either through supplements or by spending time outdoors. This will require extra work on your part, in addition to an already stressful routine, but it will keep you from ending up in a wheelchair later in life.


The Development of Gallstones

In terms of weight loss, gallstones are not something that you hear about regularly. Still, rapid weight loss has been linked definitively to a higher risk of gallstones. There are many cases where gallstones go entirely unnoticed and are not symptomatic at all, but when they do develop symptoms, they can become extremely painful. When on a lowcalorie diet, around 10% of people develop new gallstones, and the number of gallstones increases when you lose more weight at a faster rate. Studies show that the risk of gallstones increases when you lose more than 3.3 lbs per week. Fortunately,gallstones often go away on their own after your weight begins to stabilize. However, this is not always the case, and many medical weight loss specialists will tell you that the best solution for this problem is to include more healthy fats in your diet.

Loss of Muscle Mass

When you start dieting, you’re going to lose weight, but about 30% of it will likely be muscle mass. While you might be excited to start seeing lower numbers on the scale, you must understand that loss of muscle mass will hurt your metabolic health, your immune system, and your ability stay at a lower weight in the future. Overall, this can be a bad situation, but there is a way to fix it: exercise. We mentioned the potential for bone loss above and stated that the best way to fix that, was exercise. The same applies here; the more exercise you get, the better off you are ultimately going to be. Get off the couch, start exercising, and start getting your weight under control the healthy way.

Fast Rebounds are All Too Possible

Even though you’ve managed to lose the weight, it can still come back, and that’s something that you need to be ready for. What we’re primarily talking about is visceral fat, which is the fat that forms around your vital organs. Generally, if you lose weight and then rapidly gain it back, you will likely be gaining visceral fat, which puts your organs at risk. The best way for you to prevent this eventuality is to start planning. While SOME weight rebound is unavoidable, sticking with an exercise program and the healthy eating habits that helped you lose the weight in the first place will ensure you don’t gain back the majority of your weight.

The Importance of Using Medical Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and efficient way, then it is a good idea for you to consider taking the medical weight loss route. The most common question we hear at VIP Medical, is what exactly IS medical weight loss in Wellington? Essentially, it is much the same as normal weight loss, but it is supervised by a licensed physician who understands the way your body works and also recognizes that you need a routine unique to you in order to be successful. There are many fad diets on the market right now with more popping up every single day, and while some do have a good percentage of success, they often will only work for individuals who have certain body types and they are generally not feasible for the long term. With medical weight loss, it doesn’t matter what your body type is, we can help you find a plan that will work for you. Ultimately, you can drop those pounds, get healthy, and start living the life that you want. All you need to do is show the initiative and most importantly, avoid the pitfalls that we mentioned above. Start today and enjoy tomorrow.